SWGDE Draft Documents for Public Review and Comment

The Scientific Working Group on Digital Evidence (SWGDE) recently announced the posting of six new draft documents for public review and comment on the SWGDE website.

The draft documents include:

1) SWGDE Best Practices for Digital Audio Authentication, version 1.0 (Audio Committee)
2) SWGDE Best Practices for Photographic Comparison for All Disciplines, version 1.0 (Imaging Committee)
3) SWGDE Best Practices for Vehicle Infotainment and Telematics Systems, version 2.0 (Forensics Committee)
4) SWGDE Glossary, version 3.0 (Outreach Committee)
5) SWGDE Image Compression and File Formats Guidelines, version 1.0 (Photography Committee)
6) SWGDE Proposed Techniques for Advanced Data Recovery from Security Digital Video Recorders Containing H.264 Data, version 1.2 (Video Committee & Ad-Hoc Committee)
In accordance with SWGDE policy, draft documents will be posted for a minimum of 60 days for public comment. The first page of each draft document gives instructions on how to submit feedback to the This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . All feedback received prior to the next SWGDE meeting in June 2016 will be reviewed by the appropriate subcommittee at that meeting.
At the conclusion of the most recent SWGDE meeting, the group voted to release the following Approved documents. They are available for download on the Current Documents page of the SWGDE website.
1) SWGDE Best Practices for Chip-Off, version 1.0 (Forensics Committee)
2) SWGDE Best Practices for Collection of Damaged Mobile Devices, version 1.1 (Forensics Committee)
3) SWGDE Linux Tech Notes, version 1.0 (Forensics Committee)
4) SWGDE Image Processing Guidelines, version 1.0 (Photography Committee)
5) SWGDE Training Guidelines for Video Analysis, Image Analysis and Photography, version 1.1 (Imaging Committee)
However, as noted on the cover page of all SWGDE documents, the group encourages stakeholder feedback and suggestions for modifications to any document are welcome at all times. Please include the information listed in the "Requests for Modification:" paragraph when providing feedback.
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Source: SWGDE
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