Registration Open for National Sexual Assault Symposium

NIJ, through its Forensic Technology Center of Excellence, is hosting Looking Ahead: The National Sexual Assault Policy Symposium on September 8-9, 2016. The symposium focuses on how the nation is moving forward and finding solutions to the complex issues that arise in sexual assault cases and in testing sexual assault evidence.

NIJ expects more than 350 high-level government officials from national, state, and local levels, along with decision-makers from law enforcement agencies, the legal community, and criminal justice coalitions from all 56 states and territories. This unprecedented event will support our nation’s policymakers and practitioners as they drive future efforts to solve sexual assault cases, provide justice to victims, and ultimately improve public health and public safety.

Speakers include Pulitzer Prize winners T. Christian Miller and Ken Armstrong, co-authors of “An Unbelievable Story of Rape,” Alicia O’Neill from TNT’s Cold Justice: Sex Crimes, and victims advocate Natasha Alexenko, founder of Natasha’s Justice Project.

You can learn more and read the agenda here.

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Interview with an Expert

One of the more specialized areas of crime-scene investigation has to do with searching for evidence of arson. To get some background in this area, we spoke with an individual who has had more than 46 years in fire service, 24 of which have focused specifically on fire/arson investigation.