Tool Kit: Microscopy

Here are some new products for the field of microscopy.

Microscopy, spectroscopy, and glass refractive index measurements are combined into one tool for trace evidence analysis. The Elixir from CRAIC Technologies, designed for trace evidence analysis, is fully modular and offers Raman microspectroscopy, glass refractive index measurements, UV-visible-NIR microscopic imaging and microspectroscopy, fluorescence microscopy and microspectroscopy, polarization microscopy and microspectroscopy. Elixir includes advanced image and spectral analysis routines.
The new Phenom GSR scanning electron microscope (SEM) with EDS for elemental analysis is now available with automated GSR particle analysis that is ASTM E1588 10e1 compliant. The software is user-friendly with a 4-step wizard to fast, accurate and reproducible results. SEM images and EDS data are stored for revisiting and validation. The sample chamber accommodates up to 36 pin stubs at once. With a small footprint, the Phenom can be placed in almost any laboratory for easy accessibility.
The Discovery-Z from Leeds Forensic Systems is a motorized firearms and toolmarks comparison microscope designed and built by Leeds, incorporating Zeiss optics. Designed for ergonomic comfort, the Discovery-Z provides superior performance and ease-of-use with direct interface to Zeiss’s Zen2 software. It allows examiners to capture tiled and z-stack images for documentation and storage in various file formats. Leeds’ Universal holders offer quick change solutions for examining a variety of evidence sizes.
The inVia Qontor Raman microscope from Renishaw incorporates LiveTrack focus tracking technology, enabling users to analyze samples with uneven, curved or rough surfaces. Optimum focus is maintained in real time during data collection and white light video viewing. This removes the need for time-consuming manual focusing, pre-scanning, or sample preparation. The microscope reduces overall experiment times and simplifies the analysis of complex samples. The inVia can be customized to best suit your needs.
Zeiss recently introduced the Axiocam 512 color digital microscope camera, which allows acquisition of large sample areas in one high-resolution, true color image. The 12-megapixel CCD sensor with a size of 1 in. (16 mm diagonal) delivers an excellent live image with high acquisition speed. The Axiocam 512 color in combination with low magnification and zoom objectives offers optimal resolution for imaging of large specimens without stitching. The camera features high-seed USB 3.0 connections and active thermoelectric cooling.
CODA is Dazor’s new low-cost digital benchtop magnification system. CODA combines a high-definition 1080p resolution camera with patented “floating arm”. This articulating arm allows the user control over orienting the HD camera into any position. CODA delivers direct-connect monitor viewing with HD resolution. Images are viewed real-time at 60fps, and a variety of lens options provide user selection of optical specifications given their intended application and workspace constraints.




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