NIST Corner: OSAC Update
Written by Sharon Nakich   
OSAC is Working on 151 Individual Forensic Science Standards & Guidelines Including Interdisciplinary Efforts

The Organization of Scientific Area Committees for Forensic Science (OSAC), which is administered by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), fosters the development and promotion of high quality, technically sound, consensus-based documentary standards and guidelines that can be used to strengthen the practice of forensic science. OSAC was designed to achieve the organization’s objectives in a transparent manner, to solicit continued input from all stakeholders, and yield outputs that benefit the forensic science and criminal justice communities at large.

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Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

Most forensic disciplines attempt to determine the “who” of a crime. But bloodstain pattern analysis focuses on the “what happened” part of a crime. This book is the third edition of Blood-stain Pattern Analysis. The authors explore the topic in depth, explaining what it is, how it is used, and the practical methodologies that are employed to achieve defensible results. It offers practical, common-sense advice and tips for both novices and professionals.