Featured Products & Services: September 2016

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September 2016


3M ABIS Solutions

A multifactor & customizable package that helps process, edit, search, retrieve & store biometric images & subject records.

Cell Phone Forensics

X-Prep® Milling Machine

The Solution for Cell Phone Chip-Off - No Heat = Preserved Data

Evidence Collection

Puritan Forensic Swabs

Puritan's DNA-free, RNase-free & DNA-controlled sampling swabs make collecting and transporting evidence easy.

Fingerprint ID / Processing Equipment & Services

Fume-A-Wand by Porta-Lab™

The forensic Fume-A-Wand for latent print development.

Fume Hoods

Erlab Ductless Fume Hood

Eliminate toxic gases, fumes, odors, and powders

Investigation Tools

TruPoint + QuickMap 3D

The Next-Generation Crime Scene Mapping Kit Is Here

Laboratory Equipment / Services

Dispensette® S

NEW BRAND® Dispensette® S Bottletop Dispensers from BrandTech® Scientific Inc


EvidenceSD Memory Cards

Don't trust court critical data to any off the shelf memory card. Contact us for a free sample.

Reference Materials / Standards

Custom Standards

Analytical Standards - What if I want something special to fit my needs?

Trace Evidence Analysis

Glass Refractive Index

rIQ™: the smart solution for glass refractive index measurements. ASTM E1967, superior features and fresh glass standards


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Forensic Podiatry (Part Two of Two)

THE DISCIPLINE of forensic podiatry—or, in other words, the examination of pedal evidence—has progressed significantly over the past ten years. It is no longer a question of “What can you do with a footprint?” but rather, “Who can we use to evaluate the footprint?” Cases involving pedal evidence, especially bloody footprints and issues of determining shoe sizing or fit issues compared to questioned footwear, have become more common over the past two or three years.