Statistics Workshop Offers Free Registration and Travel

The Forensic Technology Center of Excellence announced a Technology Transition Workshop: Statistics and Applied Mathematics in Forensic Science (Fall 2016), to be held October 31, 2016 - November 2, 2016 in Washington, DC. For all selected attendees, registration is free and all travel expenses will be paid for by the FTCoE.

The deadline for registration is October 19, 2016.

The purpose of this 3-day workshop is to refresh, review and complete basic notions of statistics and probability theory that apply to a wide range of forensic disciplines and evidence types. Fundamental statistical concepts, such as confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, sampling theory, logical inference, and their applications to forensic problems, such as sampling among large drug seizures, calculating confidence interval in forensic chemistry and toxicology, interpreting the probative value of pattern evidence will be presented, discussed and practiced in class. Examples and datasets will be provided for the practical exercises. Examples will focus on trace and pattern evidence, as well as forensic drug analysis and toxicology. However, the audience is encouraged to email the instructor ahead of time with their own data and statistical questions, which will be incorporated in the class.

To learn more about the workshop and registration,

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