Tool Kit: Documenting the Crime Scene

Here are some new products that can be used for crime or accident documentation.

Laser Technology Inc’s (LTI) latest technological advancement in the law enforcement mapping market, the TruPoint 300 Incident Mapping Package, is compact, extremely easy to use and has millimeter accuracy. Investigators can combine this with QuickMap 3D data collection software, now on the Android platform, that enables accurate gathering and preservation of key evidence. QuickMap 3D reports are compatible with a variety of CAD programs for scene reconstruction. For a practical demonstration, please contact LTI at 303.649.1000 today. Click here for more information.
Designed to be used in conjunction with or in place of trajectory rods, the EVI-PAQ Laser Trajectory Kit includes either the red BP-1 or green BP-2 Laser Trajectory Pointer. Four co-aligned steel trajectory rods, suitable for use on holes produced by .32 caliber weapons and up, are included. Both the steel rods and Laser Trajectory Pointer are co-aligned, meaning they always produce a straight, accurate line. An included EVI-PAQ Tripod Mount allows trajectory lasers and rods to be placed in open space, and aimed at and through a bullet hole. Click here for more information.
SceneVision Panorama allows you to document simple or complex crime scenes in 2D, creating high- definition 360° panoramas. Embed measurements and digital files of any kind into the scene: close-up images of evidence, video footage, audio files, reports (fingerprints, blood splatter analysis, DNA, etc.). Create dynamic interactive portals to navigate complex scenes. The complete scene with its embedded attachments can be forwarded to those involved in the investigation, to the defense, used in court, and will always be available for review. Click here for more information.
Ultrasonic technology is the driving force for fast mapping of crash and crime scenes on the iX Robotic Total Station. The UltraSonic motors are thin, light, and reliable. With a rotation speed of 150° per second, the iX 1000 offers the efficiency of a single-operator robotic system and the power of long-range, reflectorless measurements. It is designed to provide smooth, accurate prism-tracking. This compact solution is a third smaller and lighter than previous robotic Sokkia instruments. It is upgradeable to a GPS Hybrid system. Click here for more information.
The Trimble SX10 Scanning Total Station provides an innovative solution for forensic investigators. Minimize road closures by reducing the time it takes to capture evidence at the scene. The SX10 is the one tool with all the capabilities you need, combining the power of a scanner, a total station and a combination of panoramic and zoom cameras. The simplicity of the field and office procedures also reduces your investment cost with minimal software training required to enable teams to deliver quality reports. Click here for more information.
The new RIEGL VQ-1560i Dual LiDAR Channel Airborne Laser Scanning System has a fully integrated high-performance Applanix IMU and GNSS receiver perfectly suited for a variety of airborne surveying missions, from ultra-wide area, high-altitude mapping to mapping of complex urban environments and city modeling. Two linear LiDAR channels, each enabling the recognition of several targets per laser pulse, provide a radically increased laser pulse repetition rate of up to 2 MHz and deliver up to 1.33 million measurements per second on the ground! Click here for more information.


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The language barrier between English-speaking investigators and Spanish-speaking witnesses is a growing problem. (Updated 28 February 2011)