Editorial: Thankful

As I wrap up this final issue of 2016, the Wordsmith Publishing team is getting ready to take a few days off to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with our families and recover from a very busy few months. This seems as good of a time as any to look back at this past, transformative year, and ahead to 2017.

I'll be honest. The year 2016 started out with its fair share of challenges—the foremost of which was our move away from a print-format magazine to digital-only. We knew that our readership and our advertisers would support the transition, but it was still a difficult decision. Old habits die hard. But looking forward and embracing current and future technology is exciting and empowering.
I am reminded of a debate in the forensic science and crime scene investigation world that was ongoing right around the time that we started publishing in 2003: the switch from film to digital photography. We covered the debate and published articles to help agencies as they made that move to DSLR cameras. It was mind-boggling, not only because of the need for new procedures and new methods of storage and everything else that went along with digital photography, but also because it was so difficult to foresee where the technology was going.
For those of us involved in this magazine, switching to digital gave us the same feeling. But now that we've made that leap, we have a much better sense of where it's going. I can guarantee you, the way we deliver this magazine will continue to evolve, but—just like photography—the roots from which it developed will remain steady and strong. Part of the makeup of those roots is our readership. With your help, we will continue to grow and develop new and better ways of getting you the information you need, and continue to deliver it completely free of charge.
So, at the end of this year, all of us at Evidence Technology Magazine are thankful for our readers, we are thankful for our advertisers, and we are thankful for the opportunity to keep moving forward into a new year.
Many (many) thanks.
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