Registration Now Open for Illinois Division IAI Conference

The Illinois Division IAI recently announced their 55th Annual Educational Conference, April 18-20, 2017 at the NIU Conference Center in Naperville, Illinois.

From the IDIAI:

We have a great conference program planned this year. Not only do we have technical information, but upon request of our membership, this year’s program is filled with interesting case studies. We hope you can join us!

Shannon E. Prince, CLPE – FBI Laboratory

  • Latent Print Blood Processing 101
  • Development of Latent Prints in Blood and Sweat on Porous Items

William “Bill” Hanson, Detective – Tucson Police Department & The First 48

  • A 74-year old Vet and Avid gun collector was murdered during a home invasion. See how DNA that might have been otherwise missed solved the case.
  • Three people were run over after a fight in the street. Two died including a Tribal Prosecutor for a local Indian Nation. The suspect was tracked to Kansas City where an arrest was made. Learn how Fingerprints and DNA solved the case.

Case Study – The role of forensics in the BTK Investigations.

James Glasgow, State’s Attorney – Will County State’s Attorney’s Office

  • The role of forensics in investigating and prosecuting Christopher Vaughn.
  • The role of forensics in investigating and prosecuting Drew Peterson.

David J. Robinson, Esq. – Illinois State’s Attorneys Appellate Prosecutor’s Office

  • Fingerprint ID Testimony
  • Directives from the Supreme Court and Appellate Court, Search and Seizure

Brian Goodman – Fire Investigator and Evidence Technician

  • Arson Investigation Case Studies

Just for fun… Test your knowledge in our Forensic Scholar Bowl! Be fastest on the buzzer and work as a team to answer our questions. This is a great review for court or certification tests. A fast paced game to put some fun in your day. There will be prizes for each member of the winning team! (Latent fingerprint questions from the NIJ Fingerprint Sourcebook.)

Early conference registration is now open! Early registration fees are $200.00 for division members and $250.00 for non-members. Single day attendance rates are $165.00. Don’t delay, after March 4th registration costs will increase!

More details and on-line registration can be found at:

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New Books

Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

Most forensic disciplines attempt to determine the “who” of a crime. But bloodstain pattern analysis focuses on the “what happened” part of a crime. This book is the third edition of Blood-stain Pattern Analysis. The authors explore the topic in depth, explaining what it is, how it is used, and the practical methodologies that are employed to achieve defensible results. It offers practical, common-sense advice and tips for both novices and professionals.