FDIAI Announces 58th Conference

The FDIAI 58th Annual Training Conference will be held in Panama City Beach, Florida, October 22-26, 2017. The FDIAI is the largest state division of the International Association for Identification with more than 1,000 members.


The Florida Division hosts the largest division training conference in the country with an attendance of more than 300 delegated from around the country and world. Workshops, seminars, and lectures in all forensic disciplines will be presented including fingerprint identification (including latent and ten-print), crime scene investigation, footwear and tire track identification, crime scene photography, forensic management, and more. Each year, some of the most respected speakers from across the county present at the conference.

As part of the conference, our Exhibit Hall features some of the largest vendors displaying the latest in forensic technology from high-resolution cameras to AFIS computer systems to archaeological equipment. Vendors such as Morphotrak, Evident, Dataworks, NEC, AFIX, 3M, and Sirchie are among the many vendors that take an exhibit booth every year.

Training is broken down into general sessions, breakout sessions, and workshops. There will be two 40-hour workshops within the conference: a Basic Latent Print Workshop and a Crime Scene Investigation Workshop. Individual certificates are offered for these workshops which count towards certification requirements. Past years have also included IAI Certification Prep courses and, if prior arrangements are made, the IAI Certification test can be given at the conference as well.

The FDIAI has a very strict educational program but allows its members to present cases and knowledge to their peers for review. Interesting cases and new technology is always being presented.

The FDIAI Conference is held every year in October at three different locations throughout the state, giving many of our members the opportunity to attend the conference on a local basis.

Over the years we have had the pleasure of hosting nationally known keynote speakers including Judge Alex Ferrer from the TV show Judge Alex, Lt. Joe Kenda from the TV show Homicide Hunter, and last year, Jeff Lindsay, the author of the original Dexter novels.

All social functions, including a President’s Reception, Wine & Cheese Reception, Midweek Dinner, and Installation Banquet, are included in the full registration as well as most seminars and workshops. Complimentary coffee and tea are part of your morning routine and are provided every morning. The registration is less than half the cost of most week-long training classes.

If you have never attended one of our conferences, you owe it to yourself to talk with a colleague who has.

We look forward to a great conference in 2017 in Panama City Beach, voted the most popular site for the conference. It will be held October 22-26, 2017. Visit our website for more information.

—James Kammerer
FDIAI Conference Planner

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