Investigating Alcohol Facilitated Sexual Assault Cases

The organization End Violence Against Women International has released the latest installment of its Expert Interview Series, which focuses on investigating and prosecuting alcohol facilitated sexual assault cases.

In the interviews, the late Teresa Scalzo:

1) discusses potential issues with credibility in cases where the victim was engaged in substance abuse;

2) provides an example that highlights the importance of focusing on the facts, not conclusions;

3) offers three primary aspects of a sexual assault case that are impacted when alcohol consumption is involved; and

4) provides three strategies for prosecutors seeking to hold perpetrators of alcohol facilitated sexual assault accountable.

According to EVAWI, Scalzo dedicated her life to serving victims and holding offenders accountable. At the time of her death, Scalzo served as the Deputy Director of the Navy Judge Advocate General (JAG) Corps Trial Counsel Assistance Program (TCAP).

Here's the links to the videos:

Responding to Credibility Concerns

Information for Investigators in Alcohol Facilitated Sexual Assault Cases

Strategies for Prosecutors

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