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Updated online resource for members of sexual assault response teams

Members of sexual assault response teams have a fresh, updated method of keeping track of the latest news items, protocols, and training opportunities related to their discipline. In April 2010, the International Association of Forensic Nurses launched a new look and updated features on the Sexual Assault Forensic Examination Technical Assistance website. The website is part of a broad suite of services known as “SAFEta Source.”

The website’s interactive format provides the latest news and announcements relevant to sexual assault response teams; the ability to submit an online request to the SAFEta Helpline (a way for all practitioners to gain direct access to the assistance of an experienced sexual assault forensic examiner); and quick links to resources that are used often, such as protocols and a calendar of training and events.

Also new to the site are discipline-specific focus areas for healthcare professionals, advocates, law enforcement, and attorneys.

To check out the updated website and learn more, go to:

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