Impression, Pattern, Trace Evidence Recordings Archived Online

The 2018 Impression, Pattern and Trace Evidence Symposium featured two full days of scientific sessions on January 24th and 25th: two keynote addresses, three plenary sessions, two open panel discussions, and 48 oral presentations—totaling over 100 presenters. Those sessions are now archived on the Forensic Technology Center of Excellence website.


The archived webinars include:

  • Opening Remarks and Statistical Approaches
  • Statistics & Testimony from Practitioner
  • Closing Keynote Speaker Adam Benforado
  • Impression & Pattern Breakouts (four parts)
  • Trace Evidence Breakouts (four parts)

You can find the archived webinars here.

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Item of Interest

The language barrier between English-speaking investigators and Spanish-speaking witnesses is a growing problem. (Updated 28 February 2011)