Webinar: Forensic Tox Testing

On February 28, 2018, ForensicED will present a webinar titled "Ultra-Fast High Res LC-MS Analysis in Forensic Tox Testing." This webinar summarizes how the combination of Q-TOF mass spectrometry and ultra-high speed (sub-1 minute) chromatography can be utilized in both targeted analyses and in screening applications for forensic toxicology.

The analysis of drugs in forensic toxicology is inherently complex, especially so since the advent of novel psychoactive substances such as substituted cathinones and synthetic cannabinoids and, more recently, the problem of non-pharmaceutical fentanyls. Traditional methods for drugs of abuse analysis involving immunoassays and even some chromatographic techniques are not always ideally suited to detecting these compounds and/or their possible metabolites. This presentation will highlight the benefits of high-resolution mass spectrometry, but also how Q-TOF mass spectrometry is ideally suited to ultra-rapid LC in the field of forensic drug testing.

Detailed Learning Objectives:

1. Learn how you can use short LC columns and rapid gradients to achieve ultra-rapid chromatographic analysis.

2. Understand how Q-TOF mass spectrometry is suited to (i) ultra-rapid analysis and (ii) to screening for the most modern abused drugs.

3. How well-curated Q-TOF mass spectral libraries are used for forensic toxicology screening.

You can learn more and register here.

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