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Forensic ballistic experts have a new tool to consider. The ALIAS Advanced Ballistics Analysis System from Pyramidal Technologies is a full 3D imaging, correlation, visualization, and confirmation system that builds visually rich expended cartridge and fired-bullet images, then provides powerful software tools to analyze them using topographically sensitive colorization, and adjustable light source and axis orientation.


Accuracy and comfort are the two key design elements in the new, fourth generation Alphapette Pipettors from MIDSCI. These precision pipettes are lightweight and well balanced, designed to fit comfortably in the left or right hand. An ergonomically positioned tip ejector reduces finger fatigue during prolonged use. It also includes a large, digital volume display that is easily visible to the user. The adjustable, digital micrometer is slightly recessed to prevent unintentional volume change.


Assessing unknown powders in the field is an important ability for any emergency responder to have. The BIO-ACT emergency response assessment solution from Smiths Detection is a toolkit that consists of Prime Alert, a microbe and toxin screener; BioCheck, a protein and pH test kit; HazMatID Ranger, a handheld chemical identifier; and Bio-Seeq PLUS, a next-generation handheld biological warfare agent identifier. Each element provides unique identification and detection capabilities to allow emergency responders to quickly determine any threat level and make appropriate public safety decisions.


New rugged GNSS/GIS devices
from Leica Geosystems makes it simpler to manage and maintain assets, respond to emergencies, ensure public safety, and conduct incident mapping. The Leica Zeno 10 provides a color graphic display in portrait format and a numeric keypad. Alternatively, the Leica Zeno 15 has a full QWERTY keyboard and displays information in a landscape format. Both devices are fully rugged for work in the field; feature dual-constellation tracking to guarantee higher productivity with more satellites available; and feature an integrated digital camera that can link photos to each feature location that you capture.


The secure, durable storage offered by the Ultra Deluxe Technician Cart from Shure Manufacturing combines maximum storage capacity and portability with an all-welded design that will stand up in any shop or laboratory environment. Features include a flip-up steel top with gas-spring shocks that reveal a 4D compartment with vinyl mat; two lockable drawers; three-inch casters; a bottom shelf with a 1.5-in. lip on all sides; and your choice of 22 Shure Signature Powder Coat Paint colors. To learn more, just visit the Shure website:


The compact barcode printers from SATO—the new CG Series—are ideal for on-demand, low- to mid-range volume label printing applications— such as those found in your property-and-evidence room. The CG Series direct thermal and thermal-transfer versions with emulation available come in 203-dpi and 305-dpi print resolutions and feature the latest in on-board linear and two-dimensional barcode symbologies. The flexible connectivity of LAN and USB, Serial, or IEEE 1284 Parallel Port enables the CG series to deliver the best technology at affordable prices.


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May-June 2010 (Volume 8, Number 3)
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