Tool Kit: Evidence Tracking

 Here are some products to help with evidence tracking.

TraQ from QueTel

TraQ, a complete software and hardware system, seamlessly controls physical and digital evidence, efficiently and paperlessly, from street to disposition. Using the latest technology (to make it easy on IT), TraQ is a fully browser-based barcode application that can run on agency servers or our CJIS compliant cloud. The system includes barcode equipment and options intended to replace tickler files with alerts; automate the purge process; send emails—rejections, notifications, overdue check outs—from the system; and link with our lab system. Our smartphone app records images, videos, interviews, officer notes and reads driver’s license barcodes at the scene.

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Digital Evidence Management Suite

Otec Solutions has a digital photo and evidence management suite (called “DEMS”) that offers a customizable digital file management and automated production workflow solution, catering to police forensic information services. From scene-of-crime capture to production ordering, the system’s flexible modules are configured to meet the needs of each secure user’s interface. This improves personnel and process efficiency, enforces compliance where desired, reduces waste, provides tracking/reporting, and integration with other supportive/dependent IT systems. The evidence management suite is built on the world’s most popular digital asset management system, Canto Cumulus. The suite contains three modules that address the specific needs of law enforcement. Software is built on secure and solid industry open-standard platforms and includes all necessary components to support a complete photo and digital file evidence management solution.

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PMI Evidence Tracker

PMI Evidence Tracker is an affordable, cop-friendly evidence and asset-tracking system. The system was designed “by cops, for cops” to be flexible and easy to use. There is only one input screen to enter or edit evidence, and you can edit field headers, make fields required or auto-fill, create your own dropdown menus, have attachments, move fields, and even hide unused fields. Systems start at $2450 and include software to manage both evidence and assets, barcode printer, barcode scanner, labels, ribbons, a year of unlimited support which includes free software updates. You own the license and don’t have any annual renewal fees.

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PADtrax RFID Evidence Management

If you’re responsible for evidence, you know a single piece of lost evidence could be hard to explain. Period. The PADtrax RFID Evidence Management, the first patented product of its kind on the market, aims to prevent that from ever happening. Using a simple handheld device, you can inventory an entire 50 x 50-ft. vault in a matter of minutes. Locate missing or misplaced evidence items, and safely transfer evidence to other agencies or personnel with full chain of custody. The PADtrax hardware and software solution allows agencies to know what is entering and exiting evidence vaults at all times.

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Evidence Hound

Evidence Hound is designed to accurately and efficiently record the movement of evidence in and out of the property room. This powerful, automated evidence tracking system uses barcodes to do the work. Save time searching for evidence with this easy to use system. Evidence is quickly checked out to users with a few simple barcode scans. Every check-in, check-out, or move transaction is automatically date and time recorded, creating an accurate chain of custody of the movement and location of evidence.

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