Tool Kit: In-Car and Body-Worn Camera Technology

There are a variety of options out there related to body-worn and in-car camera technology. Here's just a few:

A1 Android-Based Body-Worn Camera from VisioLogix

The A1 Android-based body-worn camera from VisioLogix—along with HYDRA, a web-based evidence management system—creates a cost-effective solution capable of delivering mission-critical results for your evidence capture and content management needs. Designed and developed with direct input from subject-matter experts, the A1 is a perfect fit for first responders, private security, military and schools.

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In-Car and Body-Worn Video System from WatchGuard

WatchGuard’s 4RE HD Panoramic in-car video system and one or more VISTA WiFi body-worn cameras work together seamlessly as a single system, capturing synchronized video of a single incident from multiple vantage points. The Wi-Fi capability in the body cameras and a Wi-Fi access point in the car allow the cameras to become members of a group-recording network with the in-car system. Multi-Peer Recording technology distributes decision-making to in-car and body-worn cameras, giving any officer on the team the power to initiate a group recording in which all cameras in the recording group begin capturing synchronized video evidence. Recordings from the individual cameras are uploaded and automatically linked in evidence management software for viewing and sharing.

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Body-Worn Cameras from Edesix

Edesix creates wearable security solutions which help to deter aggression, capture evidence, and protect staff. The range of Body Worn Cameras from Edesix includes VideoBadge cameras that can record up to 14 hours of audio and video, and the VideoTag range of incident recorders which are compact, lightweight, and can remain on standby for up to six months. All Wi-Fi enabled cameras from Edesix can be integrated with leading video management systems, allowing body-worn footage to be viewed alongside CCTV. All cameras are supported by Edesix’s VideoManager web-based software, which provides encrypted and audited viewing and storage of captured footage.

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EyewitnessHD In-Car Video System from Kustom Signals

Kustom Signals’ EyewitnessHD in-car video system provides a very intuitive user experience with its 7-in. tablet with touch-screen controller. The system can also interface with your in-vehicle PC. EyewitnessHD supports true HD (1080p) video and allows the user to see and control up to three live camera views simultaneously. With a simple touch, switch any camera’s view to the main video window. The unique display eliminates confusion about which cameras are recording. EyewitnessHD also integrates with our Vantage body-worn camera, supporting in-car playback and file transfer, saving officers’ time at shift-end. All files transfer wirelessly to the back-office.

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Axon Fleet 2 Cloud-Connected Video System

For too long, in-car video systems have been clunky and inefficient—and completely disconnected from other important agency hardware and software. Axon Fleet 2's cloud-connected architecture makes installation and troubleshooting simple, so your vehicle can stay on the road where it belongs, and users can offload footage anytime, anyplace. Built with law enforcement feedback, Axon Fleet 2 includes redesigned front and back cameras with new features like infrared and zoom. And it offers you things you don't always associate with in-car systems, like simple pricing, over-the-air updates, and integrations with Axon's body cameras and evidence management system to save time.

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FOCUS H1 Intelligent In-Car Video Platform

The FOCUS H1 Intelligent In-Car Video platform from COBAN Technologies is an “edge computing” inference engine, supporting AI-based applications in the vehicle for immediate notifications. Together with effective video capture, the new AI applications provide advances in officer safety and efficiency, assisting officers while they perform their policing duties. FOCUS H1 is configurable from one to six full HD camera streams with high-density video compression for improved evidence capture, transfer, and management—offering higher resolution with less storage requirement. FOCUS H1 integrates with FOCUS X1 body camera, and delivers low-light video capture.

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PUMA Evidence Management Software

PUMA offers simple, secure, and scalable digital evidence collection and management for any size agency and any size budget. From our body-worn cameras to our digital audio recorder, PUMA has all aspects of digital evidence collection covered. PUMA Evidence Management Software delivers an integrated, network-based solution where files are stored and managed by a centrally located repository, providing easy access to your digital evidence, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

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Video and Audio Redaction Software

Automate the process of blurring faces, license plates, or other personally identifiable information with MotionDSP’s Ikena Spotlight video and audio redaction software. Compatible with video from any source, the MotionDSP proprietary algorithms accurately automate redaction, saving you hours of labor and making it possible to redact Digital Media Evidence and deliver FOIA requests faster than ever.

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