New Organization Serves Forensic Nursing

A new organization, the Academy of Forensic Nursing, was recently announced. The group of advanced nursing providers, nurse practitioners, educators, researchers, and nurse advocates was formed to aid in the development and expansion of the forensic nursing specialty.

"Our leadership represents over 500 collective years in nursing and 240 years in forensic nursing," said AFN President Diana K. Faugno. "While we are a nursing organization, membership is open to physicians, attorneys, law enforcement, advocates, social workers, and community stakeholders, providing leadership and forensic nursing care services to individuals, communities, and systems."

Faugno explained that emerging evidence of the past 30 years ties trauma to health. "The AFN is dedicated to fostering knowledge, skills, attitudes, and clinical competencies, in partnership with professionals responding to trauma," she said. 

AFN plans to disseminate scholarship and research to change practice globally, improving the lives of those affected by trauma.

"Our AFN Board of Directors have positions of leadership in state and national initiatives, contributing to the CDC’s Healthy People 2020 Violence & Injury Prevention goals, and supporting the UN Millennial Goals (2020) for healthy people," said Faugno. "We encourage and are open to partnerships with organizations who enjoy similar visions of responding to trauma with care, working to improve the health and well-being of traumatized patients, families, communities, and systems globally."

You can learn more at the Academy of Forensic Nursing website, here.

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