Forensic Markers of Physical Elder Abuse

The National Archive of Criminal Justice Data (NACJD) archives and disseminates data on crime and justice for secondary analysis. In August, NACJD released a dataset, "Forensic Markers of Physical Elder Abuse", by principal investigator Diana C. Homeier with the University of Southern California.


From the summary:

This study sought to: (1) document the spectrum of injuries and injury characteristics observed among physically-abused older adults reported to Adult Protective Services (APS) and compare those findings to injuries found among non-abused older adults, (2) identify observable injury characteristics and abuse circumstances that healthcare providers, law enforcement and prosecutors consider to be key forensic markers of physical abuse, (3) document information and evidence integral for achieving successful criminal prosecution, and (4) describe approaches that community-based frontline workers can employ to better document evidence of physical abuse.

You can find the data files here.

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Image Clarification Workflow

A FEW WEEKS AGO, I received a call from Ocean Systems asking if I would like to beta test their newest software—ClearID v2.0 Image Clarification Workflow. The new progam has filters that were designed for use with Adobe’s Photoshop graphics-editing program.