Webinar: Uncovering Sexual Assault in Domestic Violence Calls

A recent webinar presented by End Violence Against Women International (EVAWI) focused on helping law enforcement learn how to better identify and respond to possible sexual assault in domestic-violence calls.

In the archived webinar, available at evawintl.org, Ret. Sgt. Mike Davis of the Vancouver (Washington) Police Department explains that research tells us that sexual violence is a common component of intimate partner violence, but victims are often far less likely to disclose acts of sexual violence than physical violence, in their contacts with law enforcement. Investigators should therefore make it a standard practice to assess whether sexual violence is also occurring in cases of intimate partner violence.

This webinar explains how law enforcement can evolve from not properly addressing intimate partner sexual violence (IPSV) in domestic violence situations to a practical, well-trained response. Participants will be provided with materials that can be used to sensitively assess for sexual violence and build an evidence-based case through investigation and prosecution. Materials will also be provided to help develop policies, protocols, and training, as well as reducing gender bias in policing.

With an enhanced understanding of how multidisciplinary teams are formed and used, law enforcement professionals will be better able to provide exemplary responses to victims and vulnerable communities. Sgt. Davis explains new practices and protocols for these cases and discuss how the Vancouver, Washington Police Department reformed and changed its responses.

You can find the archived webinar here.

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