Tool Kit: Microscopy Tools and Software

Here's six products to help with your lab's microscopy tasks.

Image Database & Analysis Software
PAX-it Image Database and Analysis software is the perfect solution for firearms and chemistry labs seeking to streamline their digital image and case file management. Easily capture, import, and search thousands of photos from multiple sources; and annotate, process, generate reports, and store completed case files in PAX-it’s searchable, customizable database. Import from hand-held crime scene cameras, DSLR cameras, or capture detailed ballistics and other microscopy images using a PAXcam Digital Microscope Camera. PAX-it provides scalable solutions, from single-unit installations to server-based, multi-user site licensing.

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Stereo Microscope Fluorescence Adapter
The NIGHTSEA Model SFA Stereo Microscope Fluorescence Adapter adds modular ALS capability to your existing stereo microscopes at an affordable price. You can’t analyze something until you find it, and fluorescence (ALS) can help in that critical step. Not everything has fluorescence, but—when present—it can make all the difference in detection. ALS is routinely applied in the field but less so in the evidence lab. The SFA, with up to five different excitation wavelengths, enables you to upgrade the microscopes you already own into convenient go-to tools for screening trace evidence. Click Here for More Information

Motorized Firearms Comparison Microscope
The Leeds LCF3-Motorized (LCF3-M) firearms comparison microscope features three-axis motorized stages. Built with Olympus optics, the LCF3-M offers a 16:1 zoom ratio and provides examiners with 14 matched magnification positions from which to choose. The optical bridge produces an erect, un-reversed image with a large 22mm field of view. Incorporating several ergonomic design features, the LCF3-M can be adjusted to meet the needs of examiners at various heights. Leeds universal holders eliminate the need for multiple sample holders and accessory brushes. The LCF3-M offers an assortment of lighting options ranging from fluorescent to fiber optic to LED lighting. Click Here for More Information

The FLEX microspectrophotometer is a full-featured instrument system from CRAIC Technologies that incorporates UV-VIS-NIR-capable optics with simultaneous high-resolution color microscopy and UV-VIS-NIR microspectroscopy measurement capabilities while also retaining the ease-of-use and modularity for which CRAIC products are known. Additionally, the FLEX microspectrophotometer can be upgraded to include both Raman microscopy and refractive index quantification with the addition of the Apollo II Raman and rIQ refractive index modules. With an attractive price entry point and a wide range of techniques, the FLEX microspectrophotometer is ideal for trace evidence laboratories and the analysis of fibers, hairs, paint, glass, and documents. Click Here for More Information

Scanning Electron Microscopes
JEOL Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEMs) are easy-to-use, high-throughput imaging and analytical tools for the forensic scientist investigating fibers, glass, ballistics, explosive residues, gunshot residue, failure analysis, paints, drugs, plans, arson, and more. A large specimen chamber accommodates large-sized evidence in its native state. The high fidelity, field emission JSM-IT500HR SEM features the ultimate versatility for high-resolution imaging and analysis—up to 300,000x magnification, fast navigation to areas of interest, and both low- and high-vacuum operation. JEOL’s fully-embedded energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy system provides real-time EDS spectra during image observation. Click Here for More Information

Comparison Forensic Microscope
UNITRON’s Comparison Forensic Microscope offers value and performance for the inspection of ballistics, firearms, and toolmark examinations. Observe evidence simultaneously via the precision-engineered comparison bridge that supports two sets of matched objective sets on a six-step magnification changer. Images can be viewed as 100% right, 100% left, split, or superimposed. The CFM Series is equipped with 22mm field-of-view eyepieces and produces erect, unreversed images that move in the same direction as the specimen. The trinocular head accepts a digital camera with standard c-mount adapter. The image above shows the optional ergo head, camera, diaphragm bullet holders, and phosphor LED illuminators. Click Here for More Information

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