Tool Kit: Aerial Imagery

Here are a few tools and services for capturing aerial imagery.

Drone for Police, Fire, and SAR

The RMUS Law Enforcement Multi-Mount Drone is the ultimate tool for police, fire, and search-and-rescue applications. It features a high resolution FLIR XT2 dual thermal/daytime camera system that is effective both day and night. It also includes a highly stabilized Z30 camera that can zoom up to 180 times—ideal for remote surveillance. This package is built around the DJI M210 drone platform which includes an object-avoidance system, an integrated first-person view (FPV) camera, high-capacity batteries with internal heaters, a five-mile range, and autonomous flight options. Each package comes fully tested, configured, and ready for deployment.
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Aerial Data Acquisition Service

Keystone Aerial Surveys (KAS) is an aerial data acquisition company that specializes in manned and unmanned (drone) imagery and laser range collection. Realistic 3D scenes and precise 3D point clouds can be generated through photogrammetry and LiDAR collection. By colorizing the points with imagery, photo realistic datasets with density over 500 points per square meter are created. Measurement accuracies are within 1 to 2 cm. With its headquarters in Philadelphia, KAS can mobilize rapidly in the mid-Atlantic region—and with offices throughout the country and access to over 400 drone pilots, acquisition is possible anywhere in the United States.
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Small Unmanned Aircraft System

The Draganflyer Commander small unmanned aircraft system (sUAS) is quick to deploy, fully calibrated at the factory, and includes a quick-release payload system; quick-release keyed props; dual-battery system for redundancy; patented carbon-fiber folding airframe; up to 30-minute flight time; and terrain sensor to help mitigate tip-overs. The Commander comes from Draganfly Innovations Inc, the world’s longest-running multi-rotor, sUAS manufacturer with 21 years in business. Draganfly has achieved many firsts, including the first sUAS to save a life, flown by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and recognized by the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.
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This article appeared in the Spring 2019 issue of Evidence Technology Magazine.
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