Tool Kit: Accident & Crime Scene Reconstruction

Here are some tools and software that will help with accident and crime scene reconstruction.

Software Solution for Crash and Crime Reconstruction
Map360 provides the crash and crime reconstructionist with easy tools to visually communicate the 2D or 3D deliverables via accurate and compelling diagrams and animations, from a wide range of geospatial equipment. Map360 easily imports your measurements, photos, plus written and audio notes, and provides users with intuitive tools to easily create diagrams from your data. The CAD engine provides a foundation for your work, ensuring accuracy and reliability—and the audit log guarantees evidence integrity. Complete your scene by inserting evidence markers with attached files that will be included with a PDF report detailing the evidence collected at the scene.
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Laser Trajectory Kit
Over long distances, trajectory strings and rods can sag, providing inaccurate results. For this reason, the laser trajectory kit from Forensics Source includes the Evi-Paq BP-1 Red Laser Trajectory Pointer. A laser is ideal for long-distance trajectory reconstructions. The kit also includes four co-aligned steel trajectory rods, suitable for use on holes produced by .32 caliber weapons and up. Rods and lasers may be connected in succession, using the included stainless-steel connectors. An included Evi-Paq Tripod Mount allows trajectory lasers and rods to be placed in open space and aimed at and through a bullet hole.
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Vehicle Database
Expert AutoStats version 5.8 contains 48,000+ vehicles intended for sale in North America from 1940s–2019. The software includes the standard Length-Width-Height-Wheelbase-Weight information, as well as dimensions and performance data that are of importance and specific interest to vehicle accident investigators. The Windows release is compatible with both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the Windows Operating System.
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Intelligent Mapping Solution
There’s only one chance to get it right when mapping a crash or forensic scene, and with today’s standards being defined by smaller budgets and optimization in workers’ performance and measurement accuracy, you need a proven mapping solution that adapts seamlessly to every situation. When you combine LTI’s TruPulse 200X and MapStar TruAngle encoder, you create an intelligent mapping solution that preserves your scene’s integrity by collecting multiple data points quickly from a single location. Its simplistic user interface aids in streamlining procedures and productivity in the field and office, letting you generate the clearest representation of your scene.
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Laser Scanner and 3D Software Solution
The VZ-400i High Performance 3D Terrestrial Laser Scanner provides high-speed, non-contact data acquisition, automatic on-board registration, single-button operation, survey-grade accuracy of 5 mm, up to 800 m measurement ranges, and multiple-target capability. That technology is easily combined with RIEGL’s RiSOLVE one-touch software solution for 3D digital scene processing, which enables automatic, fast, and accurate point-cloud processing and true-color scaled orthoplot generation.
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Total Stations for Forensic Mapping
Crime and crash scene forensic mapping must consider officer safety and work efficiency. The Sokkia iX Robot is 30% smaller and lighter while housing powerful ultra-sonic motors that can track the prism at an astounding 180° per second. While mapping evidence at outdoor incidents such as car crashes, the presence of buildings and the topography of the land often interfere with line-of-sight between the total station and the prism. Sokkia’s Hybrid Solution eliminates this problem by allowing investigators to easily switch from line-of-sight optical measurements to GPS measurements and back, as appropriate. Map easier, faster and safer.
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Traffic Accident Reconstruction Software
Accident Reconstructionist Professional 14 (AR Pro 14) will assist a trained accident reconstructionist to reconstruct an accident, crash, or collision with the use of mathematical formulas and calculations (which include acceleration, bicycle, distance, drag factor, EDR, energy, momentum, motorcycle, pedestrian, speed, time, truck, and many other categories) for virtually any collision involving motor vehicles and automobiles such as a car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, pedestrian, bus, motor home, big rig, trailer, etc.—all with eye-popping, court-ready documentation of the reconstruction and world-class reports.
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Diagram and Measure from Photographs
The PhotoModeler software converts photographs into real-world measurements, 2D diagrams, and 3D models for accident reconstruction, scene diagraming, and forensics. Use photos from your cameras—handheld on the ground, or from a drone/UAV. The science of photogrammetry provides a swift, accurate, and cost-effective method. PhotoModeler is used by law enforcement and by forensic engineers around the world. PhotoModeler has a successful court-case history and has successfully passed Daubert and Frye trials. Applications include accident diagramming, vehicle crush measurement, crime scene mapping (including from body-worn cameras), and reconstruction from security camera video.
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This article appeared in the Summer 2019 issue of Evidence Technology Magazine.
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