Tool Kit: Digital Evidence

Here's a few items for your digital evidence tool kit.

Handheld Data Acquisition Device

The Media MASSter 102 PRO FORENSIC is an economical, high speed, handheld data acquisition device designed as a low-cost solution without sacrificing performance and versatility. This portable unit is self-contained (CPU, OS, applications built-in) featuring a 7-inch color touch-screen for ease of operation on the bench or in the field and requires no connection to a separate computer. It can acquire data from one suspect to multiple evidence drives at speeds greater than 20GB/min and has a PCIe Expansion port allowing installation of a variety of adapters for M.2 drives, SCSI or IDE drives and other devices.

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Cell Tower Forensics: Crime Scene Coverage Survey

BTS Tracker measures radio environment activities, specifically the real cell coverage of an area of interest. It answers the question, “To which BTS was the suspect connected to at the time of the incident?” The technology assists investigators in verifying the range of a BTS, which devices could have been registered, and looking at possible routes of escape and the habits of people involved. It collects 2G, 3G, and 4G information, including signal strength, bands, and frequencies, simultaneously for every carrier, without a SIM-card. A mobile app manages the BTS survey, then the log files are analyzed with a dedicated software-platform.

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Secure Digital Evidence Collection

The Falcon-NEO provides efficient and secure digital evidence collection. This is accomplished with a feature-set that provides sophisticated functionality with a goal to shorten acquisition time. Designed to meet future technological advances in digital forensics, the Falcon-NEO sets new standards in forensic imaging technology. It images at speeds surpassing 50GB/min. It can image and verify from up to five sources to up to nine destination drives—simultaneously. The Falcon-NEO supports Thunderbolt 3/USB-C external storage enclosures with an optional I/O card. It creates a logical image to capture only the specific files needed. It can image to/from a network location using two 10GbE ports. And it supports SAS/SATA/USB3/PCIe, with optional support for IDE, SCSI, and FireWire.

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Custom Forensic Workstation

Sumuri’s Talino forensic workstations were developed by law enforcement and certified forensic computer examiners with the goal of reducing caseloads and minimizing overtime costs in computer forensics, intelligence analysis, and video forensics. Every Talino workstation is custom designed to your specific needs and tasks by active practitioners and professionals who are experts on optimizing your choice of forensic software with our forensic workstations. Utilized by law enforcement, military, and corporate investigative agencies worldwide, they come with a three-year warranty.

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All-in-One Mobile Forensic Solution

MSAB Office gives examiners and investigators everything they need to quickly recover, decode, and analyze data from mobile devices. The Office package includes XRY software for physical and logical extractions of more than 27,400 device and app profiles, plus XAMN software to quickly search and analyze the data to find key evidence. XRY automatically recognizes most mobile devices for fast, easy extractions. And XRY locks down digital evidence to ensure its integrity. In addition, only XRY lets you extract up to three devices at once with a single license.

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Digital Forensic Triage Tools

Cyan Forensics has developed a new generation of digital forensic triage tools that reduce the time required to scan devices from hours-or-days to seconds-or-minutes. The tools are particularly useful for time-critical investigations like ICAC and CT and are already getting “quick wins” for law enforcement in the UK. Typically, a 1TB HDD can be completely scanned in less than 30 minutes, with matches being examined while the scan is in progress. As well as dramatically accelerating lab and field work, the tools can be used on site for knock and talks, and by probation and parole officers on monitoring visits. Request a demo online.

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