Paper Examines Effects of Fire on Energized Electrical Cords/Cables

October 29, 2019 — A paper published in the journal Fire Technology details research that exposed "six types of cords and cables in a room-scale compartment with a fuel load sufficient to drive the compartment through flashover." The authors aimed to establish which conditions would cause the cords to trip the circuit protection device.

The authors, who represent UL LLC, wrote, "In each experiment during post flashover exposure, the insulation on the cords and cables ignited and burned through, exposing bare wire. During this period, the circuits faulted. Assessments of both the thermal exposure and physical damage to the cords did not reveal any correlation between the thermal exposure, cord/cable damage, and trip type."

You can read the full paper in Fire Technology here.

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Digital-Image Management at Mass Gravesites

SKELETONIZED REMAINS that were carefully unearthed from the desert sands of Iraq tell their own story: the bones of an adult, still dressed in a woman’s apparel, lie supine. The skull is perforated by a bullet hole. Tucked in the space between the ribs and the left humerus is a much smaller skeleton, bones in the skull un-fused, and the fully clothed body partially swaddled in a blanket.