Tool Kit: DNA Analysis

Here's a few products to add to your DNA analysis tool kit.


Rapid DNA Technology

ANDE provides Rapid DNA technology, opening up new horizons in human identification for government, law enforcement, and military. The Expert Engine converts scientific data to easily understood answers delivered in less than two hours. This breakthrough technology is operable in fixed and mobile environments and the solution is usable and stable at room temperature. DNA IDs produced by the system are compatible with DNA databases around the world, and our accompanying FAIRS application software can handle tens of millions of records with search and match and kinship analysis performed in seconds.

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Lab Automation Equipment

The Maxprep Liquid Handler processes various sample types, including extracted DNA or swabs and punches from reference samples. The Maxprep performs both pre-extraction sample processing and post-extraction methods such as DNA quantification setup, normalization and STR amplification setup, and CE setup. Intuitive, pre-loaded methods are developed, tested and supported by Promega. The easy-to-use software interface means anyone in your lab will be able to quickly run samples using the preprogrammed methods—no methods to create or protocols to write. In addition, instrument modules can work in parallel, allowing laboratories to perform pre-processing, extraction, or post-processing tasks simultaneously to boost efficiency.

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Human Identity Software

GeneMarkerHID Human Identity Software, an NDIS approved expert system, is validated for casework and databasing by federal, state, regional, city, and private forensic laboratories. The software is compatible with data files from all major capillary electrophoresis and rapid DNA platforms, 4 – 6 dye commercial chemistries and Windows 7-10 operating systems. GeneMarkerHID software exports CODIS .cmf files and includes embedded tools for missing persons database search (same individual or familial search), SDIS, LDIS searches, and kinship/paternity testing. The software includes mixture analysis for two-person mixtures, and compatible export of complex mixtures to probabilistic tools such as STRMix or MaSTR software.

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Forensic Casework Software

GeneMarkerHTS software provides a streamlined workflow for forensic casework of mtDNA and STR data analysis from massively parallel sequencing (MPS) systems such as the Illumina and Ion Torrent platforms, in an easy to use Windows environment. Developed in collaboration with leading laboratories, GeneMarkerHTS software is validated for mtDNA casework (“Validation of NGS for mitochondrial DNA casework at the FBI Laboratory,” FSI:Genetics, Vol. 44) and concordant with capillary electrophoresis STR results (“High throughput sequencing data analysis workflow: mtDNA variant detection and identification of STR/Y-STR alleles and iso-alleles,” Forensic Science International Genetics Supplement Series – in press).

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Mixture Analysis Software

MaSTR Enlightened Probabilistic Mixture Analysis Software features a rapid and transparent approach to probabilistic mixture analysis which utilizes your forensic acumen in an easy-to-use Windows environment for research, validation, and casework applications. Server-based MaSTR software is very cost effective, includes two simultaneous user licenses, and automatic queuing of multiple analyses. The initial validation study is available in Forensic Science International Genetics Supplement Series, “Validation of MaSTR™ Software: Extensive study of fully-continuous probabilistic mixture analysis using PowerPlex®Fusion 2 – 5 contributor mixtures.” (In press)

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Nucleic Acid Decontamination

The complete decontamination of equipment and surfaces from any DNA molecules is important for biological containment and safety, as well as preventing false results in PCR amplification experiments. DNA-ExitusPlus is a safe nucleic acid decontamination solution for the molecular biology laboratory. Catalytic and cooperative effects of the components of the solutions cause a very rapid non-enzymatic, non-sequence-specific degradation of DNA and RNA molecules. DNA-ExitusPlus solutions employ a mild and non-corrosive chemistry for a rapid non-enzymatic degradation of nucleic acids. Already short incubation times with DNA-ExitusPlus completely remove unwanted DNA and RNA from work surfaces and tools.

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Forensic Laboratories Management System

CLIMS – Forensic Laboratories Management System is a complete case-management platform to provide chain of custody together with DNA and narcotic bank/matching features. CLIMS DNA provides solutions such as real-time DNA banking, matching, and contamination warning; high, moderate, and low stringency searches; and full rack process management. The system has been powered by big-data and faster matching algorithms to manage huge amounts of DNA profiling and matching requests. Together with the desktop version, the next-level user experience is achieved by the web version of CLIMS-DNA Module with a new intuitive interface that enhances the ease of use.

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Next Generation DNA Sequencing System

The MiSeq FGx Forensic Genomics System is the first fully validated, FBI NDIS-approved next generation sequencing (NGS) system for genomic DNA analysis of forensic samples. It uses the same gold standard technology that has generated over 90% of the world’s DNA sequencing data. This system can recover up to 10 times more data than CE in a single test, which can dramatically reduce inconclusive results and enable more cases to be solved. Qualified laboratories are available for outsourcing, so you don’t have to wait to start solving more cases today.

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mt-DNA Analysis

When samples have insufficient nuclear DNA present for effective analysis (due to damage, degradation, or limited sample availability) mitochondrial DNA (mt-DNA) testing can be used to determine the maternal lineage of a DNA sample. The solution is often used to identify remains of disaster victims, as well as to analyze historical samples. Accurately measuring both the size and concentration of DNA fragments prior to analysis is a key challenge in this area. The Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer and DNA 500 LabChip carry such analyses quickly and effectively to the required precision for further mt-DNA classification. The systems also enable the optimization of PCR analyses through rapid quantitative analysis of both mt-DNA amplification products and PCR artifacts.

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