Tool Kit: Video Surveillance

Video Content Analytics Platform
BriefCam offers a Video Content Analytics Platform that enables law enforcement to accelerate investigations, attain situational awareness, and derive critical intelligence from video surveillance. The extensible video solution includes industry-leading face and license plate recognition and VIDEO SYNOPSIS solutions, in addition to deep-learning based object classification — making video searchable, actionable, and quantifiable. The complete platform delivers video analytics via three fully integrated platform solutions, as well as a complementary mobile application. Offering advanced, real-time capabilities, enhanced user experience, and accelerated processing performance, BriefCam enables law enforcement to transform video into actionable intelligence and maximize video surveillance.
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Searchable Video On-the-Go
The BriefCam Mobile Application, which runs on both Android and iOS devices, enables law enforcement and security personnel to maximize the value of their surveillance camera investments by making video searchable on-the-go. Based on natural language understanding technology and chatbot functionality, the BriefCam Mobile App further extends BriefCam’s powerful post-event investigation capabilities into the field for accelerating time-to-target and increasing situational awareness. Users can rapidly pinpoint men, women, children, and vehicles across surveillance cameras, within selected time ranges, all from a mobile device.
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Intelligent Video Analytics
Intelligent Video Analytics acts as the brains of a security system, using metadata to add structure to video footage. This enables network video cameras to understand what they’re seeing and alert to potential threats the moment they happen. Each camera in effect becomes smart, allowing users to instantly retrieve the right footage from hours of stored video. Searching through metadata enables users to retrieve evidence quickly and simply, eliminating the need to watch hours of video footage and making it easier to manage than ever before. Users can even find events that were not originally set up as an alert.
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Portable Recorder for Surveillance and Interviews
LXR is a high-definition, rugged-case, portable recorder designed specifically for law enforcement surveillance and interview applications. Kits are configured with specialty cameras and microphones to client specifications. The recorder also features internal cameras to conduct on-site suspect interviews. LXR records files to hard disk and/or to dual DVD-ROM drives simultaneously with unique, hash-based time/date/metadata file encryption. Files may be exported to removable solid-state memory or uploaded to a server for archival storage. LXR is designed for ease-of-use and features one-click operation to start and stop recording. Intuitive menus simplify the entry of case information, event-tagging, and system operation.
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Video Surveillance Management Systems
Salient is a leading provider of comprehensive enterprise video surveillance management systems. The Salient Security Platform provides a full range of applications for unmatched scalability, a fully open architecture, simple licensing, and the lowest total cost of ownership. CompleteView 20/20, Salient’s next-generation video management platform, represents the latest innovation in intelligent security. With Salient’s robust and flexible UI, users can manage and administer enterprise security solutions up to 30% faster. Superior command and control tools, paired with seamless third-party and video analytics integrations, enable Salient's comprehensive management solution to meet security needs — today and tomorrow.
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Export File Format
The Export File Format, part of the ONVIF specification, enables law enforcement to more efficiently conduct forensic investigations using video surveillance from multiple sources, regardless of what recording system originally captured the video. The Export File Format standardizes a common format in which the recorded video files are exported, and also provides a video player with which the video clip can be replayed. Using this standardized format will also provide useful exported metadata information (e.g., recording equipment used, export file creation time, name of export operator), as well as allow the video file to be digitally signed to ensure the chain of custody for evidentiary purposes.
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Optimized Video Quality and Minimized Configuration Time
Johnson Controls has added to its portfolio the Illustra Pro Gen3 Bullet, featuring new Smart Wide Dynamic Range that optimizes video quality while minimizing configuration time. Available with standard or telephoto lens and in megapixel resolutions of 3MP and 4K, the Pro Gen3 Bullet provides customers with a selection of video images to match their operational requirements and is ideal for a wide variety of deployments in both medium and large-sized facilities. Smart Wide Dynamic Range available in the Pro Gen3 Bullet reduces configuration time while greatly improving the quality of the video stream in varying lighting environments.
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This article appeared in the March-April 2020 issue of Evidence Technology Magazine.
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