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July 2010

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Superglue Fuming DoorknobsForensic Photography Go-Kits

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Accident & Crime Scene Reconstruction

Crime Scene Virtual Tour

A distinctive virtual reality solution for crime scene investigation.

Alternate Light Sources


INFORCE Alternative Light Sources

UltraLite ALS®

The UltraLite ALS® Forensic Light Helps Forensic Nurses To See What They've Been Missing™. Click Above To Learn More.



AFIS Procurement Services

Get the hands-on industry experienced team to support your AFIS procurement. Get the latest technology while saving money.


Backlog Reduction

Your forensic problems become our challenges, and our solutions become your successes.


Crime Scene Equipment


The Best "Tool" for the Application of Blood Search Solutions.

Scene-Works ScanLight

Scene-Works solves night time Spherical Image Scanning

Article: Superglue Fuming Doorknobs

A simple technique for getting latent prints off of rounded or irregularly shaped surfaces

Evidence Collection

AccuTrans® Casting Silicone Kit

AccuTrans® Casting Silicone from Penn Camera - the fastest and easiest way to lift latent prints.

TED Collection System

Evidence collection system for Touch DNA, liquids, powders and fibers.

Fingerprint Processing

Print Dusting Station

Simple-to-use, space-saving design provides critical operator protection from potentially harmful powders and particulate.

Fume Hoods

UniFlow Fume Hoods

HEMCO Corporation Introduces the NEW UniFlow Laboratory Fume Hoods

Investigation Tools


The end of the Luminol era?

Laboratory Equipment & Services

Evidence Drying Cabinet

Convict the bad guys-protect the good guys. The Protector® Evidence Drying Cabinet keeps you and your crucial evidence safe.


Article: Go-Kits for the Forensic Photographer

Even experienced photographers can benefit from reviewing the contents of their go-kit.

Training and Education

Forensic Science Master's

Take Your Career to the Next Level


Pocket Badge

The Personalized Identification Badge of Distinction


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Image Clarification Workflow

A FEW WEEKS AGO, I received a call from Ocean Systems asking if I would like to beta test their newest software—ClearID v2.0 Image Clarification Workflow. The new progam has filters that were designed for use with Adobe’s Photoshop graphics-editing program.