Tool Kit: Photography and Imaging

Here are a couple items to help with your photography and imaging needs.

This article appeared in the July-August 2020 issue of Evidence Technology Magazine.
You can view that issue here.

Ultra-Wide Spectrum Evidence Imaging System

This portable, ultra-wide spectrum evidence imaging system is easy to operate at the crime scene. The system integrates a user’s mobile phone with a camera, complete with light sources and filters, creating a tool that makes it easy for a one person to operate. Ideal for the search of fingerprints, palm prints, and footprints on surfaces like walls, plastic, steel, doors, windows, stainless steel, mirror, transparent glass, and coated paper. It enables you to capture photos, videos, and search evidence such as blood spatter or bloodstain on dark fabrics, carpeting, or tiles. The canopied light source effectively protects the user’s eyes and skin from UVA light exposure.

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Quadrapod Copy Stands

The Quadrapod Elite (left) and the Quadrapod Classic (right) offer a stable camera platform for capturing images in the field or lab. Quadrapod copy stands are lightweight, portable, easy to configure, and both will work with a variety of cameras and accessories. Visit the Quadrapod website for specifications and emerging products.

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Forensic Podiatry (Part Two of Two)

THE DISCIPLINE of forensic podiatry—or, in other words, the examination of pedal evidence—has progressed significantly over the past ten years. It is no longer a question of “What can you do with a footprint?” but rather, “Who can we use to evaluate the footprint?” Cases involving pedal evidence, especially bloody footprints and issues of determining shoe sizing or fit issues compared to questioned footwear, have become more common over the past two or three years.