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August 2010

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Accident & Crime Scene Reconstruction

Crime Scene Virtual Tour

A distinctive virtual reality solution for crime scene investigation.

Feature Article: Shooting-Incident Reconstruction Within a Room

A detailed description of what tools you need and what you need to do to properly reconstruct a shooting incident.


Backlog Reduction

Your forensic problems become our challenges, and our solutions become your successes.


Crime Scene Equipment

Feature Article: Mobile Biometrics

Can mobile multi-modal biometric devices be useful at the crime scene?


The Best "Tool" for the Application of Blood Search Solutions.

Protective Clothing

Protect yourself & your employees! Order coveralls, gloves and protective clothing from Penn Camera Forensic Solutions.

Fingerprint Processing

Mini CyanoSafe

Portable, automated benchtop fingerprint development – perfect for mobile crime labs or any area short on space.

Investigation Tools


The end of the Luminol era?

Laboratory Equipment & Services

Evidence Drying Cabinet

Convict the bad guys—protect the good guys. The Protector® Evidence Drying Cabinet keeps you and your crucial evidence safe.

Training and Education

Forensic Science Master's

Take Your Career to the Next Level


Offering First Class and Innovative Training - Anytime, Anywhere


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Digital-Image Management at Mass Gravesites

SKELETONIZED REMAINS that were carefully unearthed from the desert sands of Iraq tell their own story: the bones of an adult, still dressed in a woman’s apparel, lie supine. The skull is perforated by a bullet hole. Tucked in the space between the ribs and the left humerus is a much smaller skeleton, bones in the skull un-fused, and the fully clothed body partially swaddled in a blanket.