Dog Sniffs Out Electronic Storage Devices

August 21, 2020 – The Southern Illinois University Edwardsville campus recently introduced Marshall, a 1.5-year-old black English Labrador retriever dually trained as an emotional support dog and as an Electronic Storage Detection (ESD) dog. He is the third ESD dog in Illinois, and one of 41 trained by Jordan Detection K9 in Indianapolis.

Marshall is trained to detect a specific chemical compound, Triphenolphosphine (TPPO), found in many electronics, and can locate something as small as a micro SD card hidden inside the wall or ceiling. His primary mission will be to assist with the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) task force in Southwest Illinois.

“Marshall will be a benefit to the many departments we’re involved with, including the FBI Cybercrime Unit, the Secret Service Cybercrime Unit, ICAC and the Major Case Squad of Greater St. Louis,” explained SIUE Police Chief Kevin Schmoll. “Primarily, he is going to be used for ICAC cases, going after predators that prey on children. Previously, there was no ESD dog in Southern Illinois. The two closest are in the Chicago area. With Marshall, we will not only be serving the Metro East, but also all of Southern Illinois.”

SIUE Police plan to incorporate Marshall around the community supporting local, county, state and federal search warrants, and major case homicide investigations, as well as on campus as an emotional support dog in Counseling Services and during victim interviews.

The acquiring of Marshall was made possible by a grant from Operation Underground Railroad estimated at $20,000, which paid for the K9 and the handler training. ICAC paid for the police vehicle and the K9 equipment inside. Additionally, all veterinary services during Marshall’s working life will be paid for by Troy Veterinary Clinic and Hospital. Sam’s Club in Glen Carbon generously donated $1,500 to help pay for food costs for Marshall through its Community Grants Program.

Jordan Detection K9 is a nationally known trainer who used ESD dogs to locate evidence in two highly publicized cases, including that of Jared Fogle, former Subway spokesman, and U.S. Gymnastics Coach Marvin Sharp.

“Marshall is a very friendly and active lab,” said Detective Dave Baybordi, Marshall’s handler and a 12-year member of SIUE Police. “I’ve got two kids at home that are going to give him a lot of attention!”

“It’s going to be a joy having Marshall around the department,” added Schmoll. “I look forward to working with all of the police departments and law enforcement agencies in the area, as we remain committed to keeping Southern Illinois safe.”

Source: SIUE Press Release

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