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Photograph small objects in the lab, or in situ in the field with the Quadrapod Elite Copy Stand. The Elite features telescoping legs, a quick-release head, adjustable footprint, and movable head. The rugged unit provides a stable platform that is easy to assemble, and it stores in its own bag. The legs telescope from 12 to 36 in., allowing the user to optimize the field of view. Telescoping legs can be positioned on uneven terrain or surfaces.



Organize your lab space with the durable, easy-to-clean MetroMax i Shelving System. Built from 304 stainless steel and advanced polymers with Microban antimicrobial product protection, the MetroMax i is perfect for most laboratory environments. It is designed to be flexible, modular, and completely configurable to address a variety of applications, including storage, transport, glassware handling, work tables, and high-density active aisle systems. Optional accessories compartmentalize and organize your space.



This pre-taped evidence box product line features a proprietary flip-over, tamper-proof tape technology, which is applied to corrugated evidence boxes during the production process. The evidence technician simply grabs a box, places the desired evidence items within, peels off the silicone release liner—exposing the adhesive—and the box self-seals without leaving a sticky mess or left-over tape. The box is marked “evidence”, includes a signature bar, and the word “void” appears if the tape is tampered with.



This slide-loading system is fully automated and controllable using Image-Pro Plus 7.0.1 software. The Prior Scientific PL-200 automated slide-loading system coupled with the new Image-Pro software—which specializes in the capture, enhancement, processing, measurement, and analysis of images—makes it possible to truly automate the digital imaging of microscopic specimens using precision scanning stages and automated loading and unloading of samples.



Be certain you are seen at busy nighttime crime scenes or accident scenes with the GloWear 8244PSV Expandable Public Safety Vest. This ANSI 207-compliant vest is ideal for anyone who needs high-visibility conspicuity and safety, as well as easy access to belt-mounted gear. With its adjustable sides and breathable polyester mesh fabric, the 8244PSV can easily expand to accommodate turnout gear, bulky equipment, and varying worker sizes. Its five-point breakaway system adds extra protection in the event the vest becomes caught or snagged.



These compact, light-weight flashlights from Streamlight, Inc. were designed to provide users with versatile lighting. The PT series offers a high and low intensity setting, as well as a strobe function for disorienting suspects or to use as a signaling device. Made of durable anodized aluminum, all of the lights include a push-button tactical tail switch for easy, one-handed operation. The lights are available in up to 180 lumens of output and 50 hours of runtime over a distance of more than 125 meters.



Data capture and hard-drive imaging, password cracking and evidence analysis are a growing part of today’s investigations. To help address that need, Criterion HPS, Inc. has developed the Criterion HPS Forensic Solutions, a suite of hardware, storage, and software services bundled on the company’s high-performance, lightweight, mobile platform. The ability to access processing power in the field increases productivity and speeds the pace of cyber forensic investigations.



Law enforcement is a mobile
effort—and the FrontLine Freedom solution from VisionTEK was developed with a mobile government workforce in mind. Originally designed and marketed as an e-Citation solution, the solution can be tailored to meet the needs of any agency that is in the field and needs to do field reporting or data capture. FrontLine Freedom features the ability to create your own electronic forms, such as field interview cards, citations, impound reports, inspection forms, or warning notices. FrontLine Freedom is offered as a hosted service with a per-report pricing model.



Manage spectroscopy data with the latest release of the GRAMS Suite of spectroscopy software from Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. Thermo Scientific GRAMS 9.0 is comprised of a collection of complementary and fully integrated applications and modules centered on the core GRAMS/ AI spectroscopy data processing and reporting software. It includes advanced processing routines, data comparison, and visualization features. Simplified workflows enable scientists to easily access their data and make decisions.



Designed to be compact but versatile, the new MicroFlip Flash Bracket includes a “flush-mount” stainless steel upright arm that is so thin it practically disappears into the DSLR’s grip, yet maintains the rigidity necessary to support large flashes. The upright arm design makes the MicroFlip the smallest, most compact design of any fully rotating vertical-to-horizontal flash rotating system on the market today. For information, contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it



Archiving and protecting digital photos is a concern when doing evidence photography. To address this concern, the new SanDisk SD WORM is an archival-capable SD card that is used in select digital cameras and devices to permanently record photos, video, voice, or other files, and stores them for up to 100 years. From the moment data is written, files on the card cannot be erased, altered, or deleted.



A duplicator/docking station from can be used either as a standalone hard-drive cloning station for 2.5” or 3.5” SATA or IDE HDDs, or as an external hard-drive docking station connected to a host computer through USB 2.0. The UNIDUPDOCK Hard Drive Duplicator Docking Station includes a built-on LCD display, which enables users to monitor the progress of drive copying and navigate through advanced operating modes without needing to connect the device to a computer.



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Court Case Update

FINGERPRINT EVIDENCE went through a nearly three-year ordeal in the New Hampshire court system, but eventually emerged unscathed. On April 4, 2008, the New Hampshire Supreme Court unanimously reversed the decision of a lower court to exclude expert testimony regarding fingerprint evidence in the case of The State of New Hampshire v. Richard Langill. The case has been remanded back to the Rockingham County Superior Court.