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You can seize data in the field
with WiebeTech’s Forensic Field Kits. The F3 and F4 Forensic Field Kits combine WiebeTech write-blockers, media adapters, cables, and unique field tools in order to fit the demands of digital data aquisition in the field and in the laboratory. Both kits include Forensic UltraDock, drive adapters, Mr. Tool, Mouse Jiggler, and other accessories, all in one durable, water-resistant Pelican case. The F4 kit also includes the bus-powered WiebeTech USB WriteBlocker.

Video-forensics professionals
will appreciate the streamlined licensing and renewals functionality in the new version of VideoFOCUS Pro, V3.1. The new version of the software also allows the import and export of video and images in more formats. More specifically, V3.1 offers improved MPEG-2 support; Windows .WMV format export for higher-quality compressed video; HD video capture and processing support; and improved multi-monitor support for those who use more than one PC monitor when processing video. To learn more or to upgrade your current copy, go to:

Gunshot residue screening
can be a long and expensive process. A recent study of gunshot residue screening methods by the Centre for Material Science and Engineering at Cranfield University in the United Kingdom showed that the ECCO from Foster + Freeman can provide forensic examiners with a high-speed and consistently accurate solution, particularly when large numbers of samples are submitted for analysis. The ECCO uses laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy to screen the samples.

Small, light, and mobile,
the Nautiz X3® from Handheld US is the company’s smallest rugged handheld PDA yet. Designed to offer full rugged performance, the Nautiz X3 measures only 5.9 x 2.6 x 0.9 in. and weighs less than 9.2 oz., but it still carries an IP65 rating and passes full MIL-STD-810G testing. The Nautiz X3 is equipped with a 806 MHz X-Scale processor, operates Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional, and includes 3G cellular, 3-megapixel camera with LED flash, WLAN, Bluetooth, and a standard 1D laser scanner.

For flexible lighting
on any stereo microscope, consider the new 15854 LED Ring Light from UNITRON Ltd. This ring light is ideal for observing circuit boards, electronics, and highly reflective specimens. These LED light sources offer value for users who wish to transition away from older fluorescent and halogen light sources. Features include 72 LED bulbs with 10-step variable intensity light control, and sectional lighting control that allows users to direct the light from separate quadrants.

Portable, digital microscopes
in a new line from Leica Microsystems offer mobility and speed. With the Leica DVM line, the microscopic image is displayed on a high-resolution monitor. The streamlined zoom optics reach extremely difficult-to-access surfaces for nondestructive inspection of even the largest stationary parts, which could only be examined with great effort using traditional microscope techniques. All Leica digital microscopes are equipped with a 2.11-megapixel digital camera, perfectly matched to the microscopes’ optics.

At any security checkpoint
where you need to know who was there and when they were there, the iBR9000 from Videx is the ideal tool. The newest addition to Videx’s family of iButton readers, the iBR9000 is a miniaturized data collector that measures just 2.75 in. in length, weighs less than 2 oz., and fits easily on a key ring or in the user’s pocket. The reader provides an audible tone and its LED light flashes when it reads an iButton. At least 9,000 reads can be stored before the next data download.

Watch for security breaches
with the No-Residue Arco-ID™ Label from Rifkin. From laptops to evidence drawers to access panels and windows, the easy-to-use, peel-and-stick Arco-ID labels offer an economical and highly visible means to deter and quickly detect unauthorized access without leaving residue on the protected surface after removal. Users simply stick the security label to any metal, glass, or plastic surface. Once it is attached, the label cannot be removed or even partially lifted without displaying a hidden “Void/Open” alert message. Arco-ID Labels are also resistant to attacks from chemical or solvent exposure.

The forensic light source kits
from Spectronics Corporation are now available in the new MAXIMA MFK-3500 series. These kits come with either a UV spot beam or UV diffused beam and utilize the latest micro-discharge light technology to produce an ultra-powerful forensic inspection lamp. The MAXIMA lamp’s searchlight-type power allows for long-range, wide-area coverage. It works on either AC or DC voltage, so potential evidence can be spotted by forensic specialists in the lab or out in the field.

2D barcode scanners
in the past have either been too slow or too expensive for most small businesses. But the new WDI4500 2D barcode scanner from Wasp Barcode Technologies promises to solve both of those problems. Unlike 1D barcodes that encode data vertically, 2D barcodes have data encoded both vertically and horizontally. This allows for more information to be stored in a smaller space, and multiple fields of information can be filled in with one scan.

Retrieving login and password
information is made possible for forensics, criminal investigations, and law-enforcement organizations with the Elcomsoft Internet Password Breaker. Logins and passwords are routinely cached by web browsers. Elcomsoft Internet Password Breaker instantly retrieves cached logins and passwords to websites, including pre-filled forms and auto-complete information stored in the Internet Explorer cache. In addition, the tool makes it possible to instantly replace or reset IE Content Advisor passwords.

Weighing in at just 5 pounds
and with an attached stylus, the GammaTech RT10 Tablet PCs are easy to carry while making the rounds. The high-resolution (1024 x 600 pixels) 10.2-in. WSVGA TFT LCD display features an LED backlight to eliminate eyestrain, while the resistive touchscreen responds to both stylus and fingertips. The fully rugged and sealed design guards internal components, making the tablet drop-, spill-, shock-, and dust-proof—and also watertight. The tablet runs Windows 7 Professional, Vista Business, and XP Table Edition.

"Product News," written by ETM Staff
September-October 2010 (Volume 8, Number 5)
Evidence Technology Magazine
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