New Books

Forensic Photoshop

Forensic Photoshop is described as being “a comprehensive imaging work-flow for forensic professionals.” It was written by Jim Hoerricks, senior forensic video analyst for the Scientific Investigation Division of the Los Angeles (California) Police Depart-ment. The book is for users with all levels of expertise. It seeks to achieve the goal of clarified and balanced images that remain true to their original content and context.

Officer-Involved Shootings and Use of Force

It may not be your favorite topic, but at some point you might need to know the investigative techniques in this book: Officer-Involved Shootings and Use of Force. According to the publisher, this book “was written by cops for cops” and outlines protocols for investigations that will prevent future litigation and public mistrust. It was written by David E. Hatch and Randy Dickson. For more information, go to this website and search the title:

Contrast: An Investigator’s Basic Reference Guide to Fingerprint Identification Concepts

The title is self-explanatory: Contrast: An Investigator’s Basic Reference Guide to Fingerprint Identification Concepts. It was written by Craig Coppock, a certified latent print examiner with 18 years of experience. The book focuses on ACE-V methodology and illustrates the basic concepts that are involved in the science of fingerprints and fingerprint identification. To learn what this book has to offer go to the website and search the keyword “contrast”:


March-April 2008 (Volume 6, Number 2)
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New Books

Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

Most forensic disciplines attempt to determine the “who” of a crime. But bloodstain pattern analysis focuses on the “what happened” part of a crime. This book is the third edition of Blood-stain Pattern Analysis. The authors explore the topic in depth, explaining what it is, how it is used, and the practical methodologies that are employed to achieve defensible results. It offers practical, common-sense advice and tips for both novices and professionals.