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Your e-mails help keep the pages turning.

MY E-MAIL IN-BOX: It is an unwieldy and unpredictable creature with which I bear a love-hate relationship. Each morning I glean information about new products, services, and developments in forensic science. Reading my e-mail gives me an opportunity to learn and think creatively, sometimes drawing relationships between ideas that seem at first glance to be completely incongruent. It also puts me in touch with leaders in the field, past and potential authors, and some really nice scientists and CSIs whom I have met along the way.

That’s the “love” part.

The “hate” part of the relationship is borne from the sheer volume of ideas and information. It is impossible to work all of those ideas into the limited space of a print magazine. But I try.

There was a time when my in-box was empty. I can remember a June day, almost eight years ago, when I received the first e-mails from readers of Evidence Technology Magazine. Volume 1, Number 1 had been mailed, and it did not take long to start hearing from the people who found our creation for the first time in their mailbox or on their desk. Receiving those first notes in my electronic in-box surprised me with an incredible sense of responsibility: Yes, people were reading our new magazine, and now it was up to us to make sure we got it right.

Over the years, I have encouraged reader participation...and you have never failed to answer that call by sending letters to the editor, story ideas, “Crime-Scene Revisited” photos, forensic tips. Each contribution and correspondence, no matter how small, keeps this magazine going (and, honestly, it keeps me going, too).

Earlier this year, we asked vendors to submit their companies’ information for our 2011 Evidence Resource Guide. The vendors responded, and in this issue we offer for your convenience a Resource Guide that contains 70 product-and-service categories, and 240 vendor listings (the 2011 Evidence Resource Guide starts on Page 18).

Also, last summer, I asked you for story ideas for 2011. I got some outstanding suggestions, and have been hard at work over the last few months laying out our editorial calendar for Volume 9 of Evidence Technology Magazine. I am excited about some of the new additions we have made to our lineup, and look forward to hearing what you think.

And I do have a strong sense that you will let me know.

Best of luck in the New Year,

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Evidence Technology Magazine

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ONE OF THE CHALLENGES of writing and editing a magazine is telling a story in a relatively small amount of space. Sometimes it seems like there is never enough room to say everything that needs to be said. I find myself making tough decisions about what parts stay and what parts go.