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You can acquire electronic data
in a forensically sound manner from any standard PC, including Apple and Linux systems, with the Skout Forensics Data Collection Kit. The kit is ideal for companies, law firms, governmental entities, and individuals who need help with internal or external investigations and court-ready reporting of digital evidence, as well as electronic discovery, data recovery, preservation, and analysis.


A new mass spectrometer
from Waters Corporation offers scientists the combination of separations power and high levels of sensitivity, whether for compound identification, quantification, screening, or for extracting the most information from the smallest sample volumes, all in a single analysis. The Xevo TQ-S tandem mass spectrometer represents a step change in targeted quantitative UPLC/Multiple Reaction Monitoring analysis. With this instrument, scientists can quantify compounds at lower concentrations than previously possible.


Build a central database
for investigations and work seamlessly with incident-reporting systems with FireFiles from ALBX Solutions. This system helps local, state, and county law-enforcement agencies collect, manage, search, and report on case data. Out of the box, FireFiles includes more than 20 investigation modules and more than 70 reports.


This mobile ductless fume hood
from Air Science USA—the Mobile EDU—is excellent for classroom demonstrations and industrial training. It is totally self-contained and provides all-around visibility. The EDU is easily moved from laboratory to laboratory. The ductless design allows easy installation and the base is mounted on large, heavy-duty wheels for ease of transport. Its height allows it to easily pass through a standard door.


Non-contact scanning
and measurement can help reveal and visualize tiny details and defects. NVision’s HandHeld non-contact scanner is a portable device capable of capturing 3D geometry from components of virtually any size. It is attached to a mechanical arm that moves around the object, freeing the user to capture data rapidly and with a high degree of resolution. The MAXOS measurement system uses a non-contact probe consisting of a concentrated light that collects individual points at a rate of 100 per second. It has an accuracy of +/- 0.0004” and resolution as low as 0.00001”.


An indexing and search engine
from Vound, Intella 1.3 delivers an enhanced feature-set, extensive workflow improvements, indexing, and search efficiency gains. Intella offers value as an eDiscovery tool, and its visual presentation enables investigation teams to quickly and easily search for and review e-mail and electronically stored information to find critical evidence and relevant relationships. To view a demo, go to:


The PulseCode electronic lock
solution from Master Lock is an access control system engineered with E-Lock technology—a security concept that enables the PulseCode system to operate without direct contact between the lock and key. In fact, there’s no keyhole or conventional key at all. Instead, the lock uses an encrypted sequence of mechanical pulses, transmitted by the keypad through a solid surface. The opening code passes straight through to the lock. If the lock hears the correct code sequence, it opens.


The safe and efficient burner
from WLD-TEC, the Flame 100 Safety Burner, is ideally suited for all flame-related applications in the laboratory. The 15-millimeter precision flame allows safe sterilization of microbiological instruments. Flame size and intensity can be adjusted infinitely. It activates with the touch of a button, and no match or pilot flame are required.


Liquid chromatography
taken to the next level: That’s the word from Agilent Technologies with the introduction of their 1200 Infinity Series of instruments for analytical HPLC and UHPLC. The series portfolio offers seamless integration of column technology, instrumentation, and software to ensure utmost productivity. The 1220 and 1260 Infinity LCs offer enhanced HPLC and RRLC performance at an HPLC price. All 1220 and 1260 Infinity systems are standardized on 600 bar system pressure, 80 Hz data-acquisition speed, and 2x or 10x higher UV sensitivity. With the offerings in this series, users can tailor the exact systems they need in the laboratory.


New imaging software
from CRAIC Technologies, ImageUV, is designed to collect, analyze, and process images from CRAIC microscopes and microspectrophotometers running 64-bit versions of Windows 7. ImageUV-64 is designed for both industrial processes and scientific research. It is simple to use, yet contains many advanced digital-imaging control and analysis features. With this system, users have complete control over all the digital-imaging systems in CRAIC microscopes, and allows you to acquire high-quality ultraviolet, color, and near-infrared images under any lighting conditions.


It can detect more chemicals
than any preceding ChemPro product. The sensitivity of the ChemPro100i from Environics makes it a versatile tool suited for military chemical warfare agent detection, HazMat applications, clan-lab interdictions, and overhaul. Its “Trend” mode allows it to be used as a sniffer to locate areas of higher concentration. The AM241 source of the ChemPro100i produces 60,000eV so it can “see” many chemicals with high ionization potentials. It also has a “Basic Levels” feature that allows you to “zero-out” extraneous signals.


Secure the long-term integrity
of DNA samples for forensic analysis with the line of DNA-free storage tubes and capping products from Micronic Europe BV. The increased sensitivity of DNA-recovery techniques has led to an increase in the observation of extraneous DNA contamination from storage consumables. Using a new ethylene oxide treatment process, Micronic’s new range of screw-top and push-cap tubes are independently certified to be DNA free.


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