Free Eye Exams for Service Dogs

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Service dogs to receive free eye exams
throughout the United States and Canada

Throughout the month of May, the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists (ACVO) will conduct the fourth annual ACVO/Merial National Service Dog Eye Exam Event. Throughout the event, guide dogs, handicapped-assistance dogs, detection dogs, and search-and-rescue dogs will receive complete ocular exams, looking for problems including: redness, squinting, cloudy corneas, retinal disease, early cataracts, and other serious abnormalities. “Our hope is that by checking their vision, we will be able to help a large number of dogs better assist their human friends,” said Stacee Daniel, executive director of the ACVO. Last year, more than 3,200 active service dogs received free eye exams throughout the month of May. Registration begins April 1 and ends April 29. To learn more and to register for the 2011 event, go to:

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