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Laboratory Workstations

They may be easy to take for granted—but the quality of the workstations in a forensic laboratory plays a significant roll in overall efficiency, safety, and comfort. Here are a few of the latest models available from manufacturers of workstation equipment.

Laboratory Furniture

The Starsys Modular System of laboratory furniture from InterMetro Industries (Metro) allows you to easily reconfigure the unit designs as your lab’s layout needs change. A wide array of modular units are available to fit your space and work specifications. Metro promises that the durable and easy-to-clean polymer enclosures will not chip, peel, dent, or rust, and Microban Antimicrobial Product Protection inhibits the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria.
The Align Adjustable Height Workstation from Lista International Corporation is designed to provide a high level of ergonomic comfort, flexible functionality, and enhanced productivity. It can be easily adjusted to accommodate the individual worker with the appropriate worksurface height. The workstation is adjusted using either a motorized, hand-crank, or slide-leg base. The motorized base can be preset with three height positions. To learn more, go to:
Ergonomic workstations from Case Systems, such as the Midland 1200 table shown here, provide flexible designs that facilitate research, promote collaboration, and have the versatility to evolve with your workspace needs. Its design makes tools and technologies easily accessible. Create a workspace that helps forensic and crime-scene professionals work together seamlessly and at an ergonomic height. The frame is capable of sustaining up to 1,200 lbs. The flexible height adjusts effortlessly with a touch of your finger.

Fume Hood

The Captair Flex ductless mobile fume hood from Erlab, Inc. is an all-in-one filtration fume hood with a modular filtration column that can handle liquids and powders individually or at the same time. Liquid-seal technology ensures filtration integrity for both molecular and HEPA filters.

Biological Safety Cabinet

NuAire’s CellGard ES is a Class II, Type A2 Biological Safety Cabinet that features the TouchLink LCD Control Center, DC-ECM motor, sloped window, and the longest filter life in its class. The HEPEX Zero-Leak Airflow System ensures cabinet performance and safety.

Downflow Workstations

Atmos-Tech Industries Downflow Exhaust Tables are ideal for handling and opening suspicious mail and packages, as well as working with other nuisance and hazardous fumes and powders. The downflow of air through the work surface traps and contains powders and debris in a 99.99% HEPA filter. Units can be self-contained or ducted to a remote blower, as well as battery-powered and explosion-proof. Custom sizes and configurations are available.


New Protector Downdraft Powder Stations from Labconco keep users safe by containing powders during fingerprint processing. The open-sided, open-top workstation provides unrestricted operator movement and accommodates oversized evidence. To conserve energy and avoid high heating and cooling costs, air is re-circulated, not exhausted outside. Available in 2- and 3-ft. widths, two or more stations may be placed side-by-side to achieve an unlimited number of width combinations. Features include Type 304 stainless steel work surface; epoxy-coated steel housing and shelf; removable powder catch pan; and a built-in blower with motorized, backward-curved fan.


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