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May 2011

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iPhone Apps for Shooting ReconstructionLatent Print Testimony

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Access Control

CyberLock Access System

CyberLock delivers affordable evidence room access management

Accident & Crime Scene Reconstruction

Panoscan's MK-3 Camera

America's Panoramic Camera

Shooting Reconstruction by iPhone

Inexpensive apps that put some virtual shooting-reconstruction tools right on your iPhone.

Crime Analysis


Hemascein®, a non-luminol formulation, reveals latent bloodstains at a crime scene. It is the most effective blood revealer.

Crime Scene Analysis


For the Forensic and Crime Scene Identification of Human Blood

DNA Analysis

TED Collection System

Evidence collection system for Touch DNA, liquids, powders and fibers.

PCR Filtered Enclosure

Purifier® Filtered PCR enclosures provide Class 5 air to analyze DNA and other samples.

Evidence Analysis

Image-Pro Insight S/W

Image-Pro Insight image analysis software provides sleek interface and imaging tools to capture, process, measure and report.

Evidence Collection

SwiftLift Applicator Mitt

Dust for prints in seconds with the TriTech Swift Lift Applicator Mitt from Penn Forensics.

Fingerprint Processing


The Portable Fuming System: The most advanced design in portable butane powered fuming appliances.

Fingerprint Kits

Manufacturers of Fingerprint Kits, Fingerprint Pads & Powders, Evidence Collection Supplies & other Forensic Products.

CSIpix Comparator

Efficient Comparison of Fingerprints and Footprints Plus Exhibit Preparation. Price $299.

Current Trends in Latent Print Testimony

Kasey Wertheim explains some of the trends that latent print examiners have been encountering recently when testifying in court.


Forensic Microscopy Survey

Share your expert opinion about forensic microscopes and earn a $20 honoraria for your participation!

Questioned Documents

Raman Webinar

Live Webinar–Application of Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering for Forensic Analysis of Inks and Low Concentration Samples


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Product News

Six interchangeable LED lamps

highlight the features of the OPTIMAX Multi-Lite Forensic Inspection Kit from Spectronics Corporation. This portable kit is designed for crime-scene investigation, gathering evidence, and work in the forensic laboratory. The LEDs provide six single-wavelength light sources, each useful for specific applications, from bodily fluids to fingerprints. The wavelengths are: UV-A (365 nm), blue (450 nm), green (525 nm), amber (590 nm), red (630 nm), and white light (400-700 nm). The cordless flashlight weighs only 15 oz. To learn more, go to: www.spectroline.com