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Packaging and Preserving Evidence

Locating the evidence is only the first step. The proper collection, storage, and tracking of evidence is critical to any case. These products help law enforcement maintain the integrity of evidence, keeping it safe, secure, and managing the chain of custody.

Packaging Evidence

Developed for a major law-enforcement agency, the Integrity Envelope from American Forensics, Inc. can be opened and resealed up to seven times without risk of breaching the chain of custody or contaminating contents. Previous seals that note the date, time, and previous lab examiner remain in place as required by ASCLD and other organizations such as SWGMAT, AAFS, and IAI. The 9.5 x 12.5-inch envelope is tear resistant, waterproof, and breathable, and its accordion-style construction expands to hold larger evidence such as narcotics and handguns. As prescribed by ASCLD, the Integrity Envelope can be enhanced when fastened with agency-monogrammed security tape.

Computer hard drives, PDAs, and other magnetic data-storage devices play an important roll in criminal and civil evidence collection. The Alert Antistatic Evidence Security Bag offers forensic technicians the complete solution for electronic evidence collection: antistatic shielding protection in a tamper-evident package with chain-of-custody tracking. These bags incorporate features such as sequential serial numbering, tear-off receipts for record retention, and a unique Alert Continuous Security roll form that maintains the serial numbers of each security bag in numerical order. The maximum-security tape closure system signals a positive message if tampering occurs.

DNA Collection

The Bio-Swab and Bio-Guard DNA Collection System has everything you need for proper collection and transport. Bio-Swab is pre-filled with sterile water, individually wrapped, and is gamma radiated. If needed, a sterile cotton-tip applicator will deliver the exact amount of water to collect a DNA sample. This packaging system eliminates the need for carrying sterile water and will further protect from cross-contamination. Each package comes with its own lot number. The Bio-Guard system includes a humidity card that will appear blue if moisture is absent. A drying desiccant absorbs moisture from the sample, and will dry a single cotton-tip applicator in 2-3 hours.

Secure Storage

CyberLock provides electronic access and key control nearly anywhere a mechanical lock is present. Existing lock hardware can be retrofitted by removing a mechanical lock’s key cylinder and replacing it with the CyberLock electronic cylinder. These electronic locks, smart padlocks, and programmable keys offer a variety of solutions to help secure and control access to any area. Each person’s key can be programmed with the access permissions they need to do their job: what locks they can open, and when.

Evidence Tracking

The eTWIST system from Primary Marketing Systems offers an integrated mobility solution for governmental agencies’ evidence-management environments. Officers can collect, document, photograph, and barcode evidence in the field using a mobile handheld computer or smartphone, and then upload the collected information over multiple network options to the agency’s evidence-tracking system.

Preserving Digital Data

WiebeTech’s new WriteLock technology (protected by ToughTech storage enclosures) allows you to “lock down” all data on a hard drive, prohibiting any changes or accidental erasing. Whether archiving records or preserving critical evidence, WriteLock technology safely secures data by creating a read-only drive, accessible only with the proper encryption key. The data cannot be edited.
The new Omnivore video- and image-capture device from Ocean Systems is a DVR field acquisition tool that provides gigabytes of secure storage. Its specialized capture software is designed to assist first-responders and FVA professionals in collecting video and image evidence on location. The capture software is self-executing, requiring no installation or administrator rights to operate.


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