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August 2011

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IAPE ProfileAnalysis of Mascara

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Accident & Crime Scene Reconstruction

Panoscan's MK-3 Camera

America's Panoramic Camera


The new standard in diagramming and animation

Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems

AFIX Tracker

PC-Based fingerprint and palm print identification system

Crime Analysis


Hemascein®, a non-luminol formulation, reveals latent bloodstains at a crime scene. It is the most effective blood revealer.

Crime Scene Analysis


For the Forensic and Crime Scene Identification of Human Blood

DNA Analysis

TED Collection System

Evidence collection system for Touch DNA, liquids, powders and fibers.

DNA Analysis

Receive 10% off your DNA casework until 9/30/11*.

Evidence Analysis Equipment & Services


For the Forensic and Crime Scene Identification of Saliva

Evidence Drying Cabinet

Keep you and your crucial crime evidence safe.

Evidence Collection


The Next Generation of Digital Video Field Acquisition

The Analysis of Mascara from Eyelashes

Analyzing the mascara found on an eyelash could provide good information for a case.

Fingerprint Processing

Automix Dispensing System

The New Solution for an Old Problem!

Fingerprint Kits

Manufacturers of Fingerprint Kits, Fingerprint Pads & Powders, Evidence Collection Supplies & other Forensic Products.

CSIpix Comparator

Efficient Comparison of Fingerprints & Footprints Plus Exhibit Preparation. See CSIpix at IAI 2011 Booth 614. Price $299.


Nikon D7000 DSLR

Check out the new Flagship DSLR from Nikon, the D7000 with amazing low light capabilities and 1080i High Definition video.


CyberLock Access Control

Track and control access to your evidence rooms with CyberLock.

Organization Profile: IAPE

Here is some background about the International Association of Property and Evidence, Inc. (IAPE)

Software / Hardware


NetScanTools network information collection toolkits help you with Internet investigations.

Training & Education

Forensic Science Master's

Take Your Career to the Next Level

LEVA Mobile Video Summit

Join LEVA at their 22nd annual International Training & Development Conference & Mobile Video Summit in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho!


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Court Case Update

FINGERPRINT EVIDENCE went through a nearly three-year ordeal in the New Hampshire court system, but eventually emerged unscathed. On April 4, 2008, the New Hampshire Supreme Court unanimously reversed the decision of a lower court to exclude expert testimony regarding fingerprint evidence in the case of The State of New Hampshire v. Richard Langill. The case has been remanded back to the Rockingham County Superior Court.