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IT HAS BEEN A MAD RUSH around our offices to get all of this issue’s articles written, edited, laid out, proofed, and re-proofed. As soon as this issue is put to bed, we’ll be packing our things for the International Association for Identification’s Annual International Educational Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. And by the time this issue hits your desk, the conference will be over—and hopefully we will bring back some good story ideas to include in future issues of the magazine.

Things move fast—not just in the publishing business, but also in your line of work. That is why, over the last few months, we have added some new products to our Evidence Technology Magazine brand to continue our efforts to keep our readers informed. This includes four new monthly eNewsletters designed for specific areas of focus: Field News, Laboratory News, Property and Evidence News, and Education News. Each reader receives only one of these eNewsletters via e-mail; the title you receive is determined by the “job function” you shared with us on your most recent subscription request.

If you have missed the eNewsletters, be sure to update your subscription by going to www.EvidenceMagazine.com, log in*, and then go to the Subscribe menu and select My Subscription from the drop-down list.

You can also find all of the news items included in the eNewsletters on our website. Just go to the Newsletters tab on the menu bar and select your area of interest from the drop-down menu. You will find a list of short articles that cover current events, new products or technology, recent publications, and other useful resources and links.

These additions have been keeping us very busy, but in a good way: It allows us to get information to you faster, and to help fill in the gap between the bi-monthly mailings of our print publication. And if you have any breaking news, short articles, forensic tips, or miscellaneous ideas that you would like to see included in the eNewsletters, please send them my way.

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*Note: If you haven’t logged in to EvidenceMagazine.com before and you are not sure how, you can find an article titled “How To: Logging in to ETM Online” under the “Latest News” header on the left side of the page.

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