Articulating Tool Boards Offer Quick Access To The Tools You Need Everyday

An industrial workbench is suitable for various environments, including healthcare and manufacturing facilities. Several accessories are available for these workstations including packaging tables, lighting, and computer accessories. Perhaps the most useful types of accessories are those with an articulating quality, such as articulating tool boards.

When one or more articulating tool boards are added to an industrial workbench, tasks are made more convenient. Workers can keep their most frequently used tools close at hand, swiveling the board to the angle most comfortable for use. This board can be conveniently situated to suit workers in a seated or standing position or to accommodate a group of people gathered around a workbench.

Polypropylene material used in articulating tool boards is suitable for use in a cleanroom environment. A post mounted board measures 18×24 inches and is often installed with a dual 12-inch arm. A custom tool pegboard designed for use with an industrial workbench measures 18×36 inches, is post mounted, and can be installed with a custom arm.

These boards work with standard accessories designed for pegboards. A wide assortment of accessories is available separately, intended for tools and light equipment designed for various industries. When the board is in use, these tools are front and center. When it is not needed, it can be pivoted to the side of the workbench and docked. This is just one of the workbench add-ons designed with ergonomics in mind.

Outfitting an industrial workbench with an articulating tool board is a smart idea for workers who use a variety of tools on a daily basis. It keeps tools organized and within grasp but also pivots out of the way when the optimum amount of workspace is required. Having a workbench that is multifunctional keeps employees focused on their jobs rather than running around the facility looking for their tools.

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