Houston PD Property Room Certified to ISO Standard

The Emergency Communications and Property Room Divisions of the Houston Police Department (HPD) were certified to ISO 9001:2008 in September 2011.


The HPD - the largest police department in Texas and the fifth largest in the United States - pursued ISO 9001 certification, in part, because it establishes clear guidelines and goals against which they can measure achievements. Primarily, HPD determined that the ISO quality management system provides the ideal business model to further the Department's commitment to continually improve its effectiveness in serving the needs of the community.

ISO is a worldwide set of quality standards established by the Geneva-based International Organization for Standardization. Certification under ISO 9001 ensures the soundness of an organization's processes and procedures and is a prestigious mark of quality.

The Houston Police Department is the largest of only a few police agencies in the United States to receive ISO Certification, including the Phoenix Police Department's Records and Identification Bureau. Regarding HPD's zero non-conformances, Don James, President of consulting company Business Enterprise Mapping, remarked: "Only one minor observation was found by the registrar, indicating excellent preparation." Registration services were provided by auditor National Quality Assurance, USA.

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