Why Clean with Enzymes?

1) Cleaning with Enzymes Destroys the Structure of Dirt

Enzymes are naturally-occurring compounds that disintegrate the cell structures of substances that create stains and soils. When attacked by enzymes, dirt breaks apart, loses its grip on a surface, and becomes easier to remove. Experts are convinced that enzymes provide the best overall solution for many cleaning problems.

2) Cleaning with Enzymes Reduces the Costs of Energy, Equipment, and Water

Zymit’s enzymes work well at room temperature and a neutral pH. The moderate operating temperatures make cleaning with Zymit more energy-efficient than with cleaners that require high heat. The neutral pH reduces the need for costly corrosion-resistant equipment. Zymit’s gentle cleaning action also reduces damage to the items being cleaned. This is especially important for delicate materials. Since Zymit is so effective, there is less need to repeat cleaning cycles to achieve desired results. Less clean water is needed, and the amount of wastewater is reduced.

3) Cleaning with Enzymes Makes Environmental Compliance Easier

Enzymes are present in all biological systems. When enzymes biodegrade, the amino acids they are made from readily absorb back into nature. Plus, cleaning with pH-neutral Zymit will not add high levels of acidity or alkalinity to your wastewater stream. This can help you lower the cost of neutralization and avoid regulatory problems.


Zymit® Low-Foam Enzyme Cleaner

A synergistic dual-enzyme and detergent formula that removes protein- and starch-based soils. Zymit Low- Foam is used to clean diagnostic and surgical instruments, labware, photographic film equipment, hospital and daycare furnishings, and many other surfaces.
Target soils: food, grass, blood, fat, sweat, mucous, tissue, feces and sebum
Cleaning methods: CIP (clean in place), Manual and Immersion Washing, High-Agitation, Machine/Pressure Washing, Ultrasonic
Typical pH: (neat) 6.9 to 8.4
Shelf life: 2 Years

Zymit® Pro Enzyme Cleaner

A unique blend of protease enzymes, detergents and builders that work together to achieve broad cleaning powers. The enzymes dissolve the soils, and the detergents gently wash them away. Zymit Pro is designed to remove protein-based soils, such as gelatin, food debris, and milkstone. It is an effective filter membrane cleaner,especially when used with Micro-90® or Micro® A07 in consecutive cleaning steps.
Target soils: protein based soils such as gelatin, and food debris
Cleaning methods: CIP (clean in place), Manual and Immersion Washing, Mild-Agitation, Ultrasonic
Typical pH: (neat) 6.9 to 8.4
Shelf-life: 2 Years

Free Samples are Available!

Seeing is believing. Learn how Zymit’s enzyme action works in your specific cleaning application by trying it free of charge! Just contact us today and we’ll ship you a sample. Call us at 609-372-8770, email at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or visit us online at www.ipcol.com.

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