Evidence Room Burglarized

Multiple pieces of evidence, including drugs, were taken from Newton (Alabama) Police Department sometime between Thursday night and Friday (Oct. 13-14) morning during a burglary, according to authorities.

An investigation by the department, Dale County Sheriff’s Office, and Alabama Bureau of Investigation was underway through much of Friday as authorities followed up on potential leads.

Newton Police Chief John Beistline declined to comment pending further investigation. Newton Mayor Ted Stanford said the department was in the process of taking inventory Friday, but that multiple pieces of evidence appeared taken, including drugs.

It was not immediately released what kind of weapons – if any – were taken in the burglary.

Stanford said officers work on call throughout the night but that the town does not operate the police department’s office full-time.

“We’ve tried at one point to have officers inside the department at all times but we’ve not been able to with our income down as much as it is because of the economy,” Stanford said.

“This is one incident, however. We just have to fix it and move on.”

Written by Ebony Horton, Dothan Eagle
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