NIJ Releases Third Issue of Research Report Digest

In late September, the National Institute of Justice announced the availability of its third issue of the Research Report Digest.

In NIJ's Research Report Digest, you will find brief descriptions of studies in various criminal justice disciplines, such as criminology and forensic sciences, and evaluations of technologies in the law enforcement and corrections fields.

This issue includes reports based on NIJ-funded research that were added to the NCJRS Abstracts Database from January-March 2011.

Find research reports related to:

  • Crime
  • Violence
  • Forensic Sciences
  • Law Enforcement
  • Corrections

Click here to view Issue 3 of the Research Report Digest.

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Recovering Latent Fingerprints from Cadavers

IN A HOMICIDE CASE, the recovery of latent impressions from a body is just one more step that should be taken in the process of completing a thorough search. This article is directed at crime-scene technicians and the supervisors who support and direct evidence-recovery operations both in the field and in the controlled settings of the medical examiner’s office or the morgue under the coroner’s direction.