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In recent years, options have proliferated for capturing images and measurement data at the crime scene. Here is a selection of devices and software that allow you to document the scene and then reconstruct it later using specialized computer software.


SceneVision-Panorama from 3rdTech is a complete, easy-to-use, and inexpensive system for creating and presenting panoramas of crime, accident, and fire scenes. Using the compact, lightweight camera and tripod, you can capture photos for a 360° panorama in less than two minutes. Panoramas can be created in multiple locations around the scene. Place the panoramas in a diagram of the scene. The system allows you to move from location to location; for example, start with an outside view of the house and go through the door to view the front hallway. Link close-up photos, 911 audio files, or fingerprint images to any point in the scene. Draw in measurements. Very useful for courtroom presentations of the scene. Go to product site.

SceneWorks is revolutionizing the way police document crime scenes and the way juries view them. True spherical high dynamic-range digital images are captured in minutes at the scene with a single tap of the screen. Create a presentation and share the investigation with prosecutors in hours, not days. Drag and drop all your supplemental documents such as photographs, crime-lab reports, PDFs, 911-call audio, video files, and more to make hotlinks right inside the spherical image. Pan in every direction, full zoom, and full-range light settings are a mouse click away. Go to product site.


FARO Technologies, Inc. recently announced the next generation of its laser scanner, the Focus3D. The smallest laser scanner on the market, the Focus3D includes a Multi-Sensor hardware feature. It incorporates a compass and height sensor to complement the device’s existing dual-axis compensator. The new sensors define height and orientation against a set point for each scan, improving the automatic registration process and reducing post-processing work. Users can now perform and download scans remotely with the included WLAN remote control. Go to product site.

Panoscan’s MK-3 camera captures full 360-degree spherical images with high resolution. With over 580 MP and high sensitivity for low-light capture, the MK-3 is the fastest digital panoramic camera available anywhere. MK-3 images are ideal for use in crime scene and accident reconstruction. They can be easily imported into software programs like Crash Zone, and Panoscan images are being used in law enforcement agencies across the country, together with laser scanners, for high-fidelity crime/accident scene reconstruction. Go to product site.

Getting accurate data is essential to build and present a strong case. That’s why Sokkia created the LEA Remote Mapper. The instrument combines high accuracy with the ease of working efficiently through full remote-control operation. No more waiting for the total station to lock onto the prism, no more lost targets or unreliable tracking, and no more accidental sighting of stray reflective objects. The Remote Mapper allows you to gather the correct data needed to build the case quickly.
Go to product site.

Capture, collate, manage, document, and communicate using Scene Capture Solution. Scene Capture Solution includes various state-of-the-art capturing systems, documentation software, graphic presentation, and case-by-case scene-capturing services. Different packages and options are available based on the customer’s needs and budgetary demands. One of the most popular Scene Capture options includes the LizardQ Spherical Imaging System and R2S Documentation Software. Capture the crime scene using the LizardQ High Resolution 100 megapixel Spherical Imaging System. Using our R2S crime scene documentation software, you can import: plans/maps; sphericals with measurements; photography; video & CCTV; forensic evidence; 2D/3D models/animation; forensic evidence; scene notes; any documents; witness statements; and lab notes. Once the case is complete, it can be published to a CD to be used to communicate and present the information to stakeholders. Go to product site.

The Blue Blitz Traffic Accident Investigator is a 11 x 5.5 inch template designed for police, engineers, attorneys, and insurance adjustors. It includes frequently used symbols, and the vehicle cutouts are cross-referenced to corresponding wheel sizes. It incorporates a protractor, speed nomograph with easy-read numbers, and a clinometer for grades up to ±25%. Go to product site.

Quadrapod Copy Stands offer a stable platform for imaging in the lab or field. The Quadrapod Elite features three-section, telescoping-tube legs that extend to 36 inches and collapse to 14 inches, allowing the user to deploy the device on flat or uneven surfaces and maintain a perpendicular orientation to the subject. The Quadrapod is ideal tool for fly-a-way kits and can be configured with a variety of photographic accessories. Go to product site.

The Phase One IQ180/645DF Camera System offers 80 megapixels of resolution captured in full-frame 645 format, providing the highest quality images available on the market. Backed by the Digital Transitions Continuing Care Program, this state-of-the-art gear will improve your workflow and give you better individualizations. This system also supports a wide range of optics for all of your forensic needs. Go to product site.

The Crash Data Retrieval System is a proven tool that allows Collision Reconstructionists investigating vehicle crashes the opportunity to image crucial crash data parameters from a vehicle that has been in a crash. The imaged data is reliable and has proven admissibility at trial. The event data recorder (ECM) is already in most production vehicles today. Simply attach the CDR cable and image the vehicles crash data directly to your computer, then print the report in PDF. The Crash Data Retrieval System currently supports select GM, Ford, Chrysler, Fiat, and Toyota/Lexus vehicles. Go to product site.

Nikon’s AF-S DX Micro NIKKOR 40mm f/2.8G lens is a lightweight lens for Nikon DX-format shooters with macro capabilities. The AF-S DX Micro NIKKOR 40mm lens has a rounded 7-blade diaphragm which helps isolates a subject with a natural depth of field. The lens is compact and lightweight, so it’s extremely portable, yet can be used for everyday photography. Nikon’s AF-S DX Micro NIKKOR 40mm f/2.8G lens can capture details difficult to detect with the human eye (at 1X magnification). This lens is affordable, fast, quiet and weighs only 9 ounces. Go to product site.

Combining advanced sensor and GPS technology, AccelereX is the perfect solution for testing vehicle braking, drag factor and acceleration performance. While the majority of conventional accelerometers involve a bulky piece of equipment, AccelereX is plugged into a regularly used data collector such as a Trimble Recon or Nomad. Data is displayed on a handheld device in real time through a user-friendly interface, and can also be exported to a text file or into Excel or Matlab for further analysis. Go to product site.

ScenePD Pro is an all-inclusive software solution for patrol officers responding to car crashes, investigators working crime scenes, and tactical officers doing operational preplanning or post-event critiques. This diagramming and field-data capture and reporting software application incorporates the same core diagramming engine used by more than 4,500 law enforcement and first responder agencies across the country. Its expanded symbol set meets nearly all pre-planning and post-event diagramming and reporting requirements. The software enables users to capture and manage digital evidence or files, such as photographs, video, and audio. Built-in GIS enables incorporation of satellite imagery. Go to product site.

ARAS 360 with Collide is a one-stop accident reconstruction software solution. Specifically designed to be an all-in-one solution, ARAS 360 supports every step from importing scene measurements through to 3D simulation. From the scene, ARAS 360 supports downloads from various measurement equipment. ARAS 360 functionality includes the ability to directly import aerial imagery and integrate measurements for the creation of true 3D scene models and accurate 3D diagrams. A reconstruction calculation module, 3D terrain creation, and momentum analysis are included. Finally, users may produce both 3D animations and 3D simulations that are ready for court presentation. Go to product site.

One of the more difficult tasks in determining speed from crush is obtaining appropriate stiffness values for the vehicle for accurate crush energy evaluation in vehicle collisions. The 4N6XPRT StifCalcs program from 4N6XPRT Systems is designed to both simplify and increase the accuracy of this task by providing: 1) Easy access to the NHTSA Crash Test data without the need to hook up to the internet, 2) Display of data in both Imperial as well as metric units, 3) Retrieval of all tests applicable to a selected vehicle along with its “Sister/Clones”, 4) Automatic calculation of stiffness values for vehicles based on NHTSA test data, 5) Allow the user to develop their own “class” of vehicle when that is so desired based on things like weight, body style, and wheelbase, and 6) Print summarized stiffness data for the matching tests with the descriptive statistical data. The program also incorporates a FORCE-BALANCE module for accurate crush energy evaluation in vehicle collisions where one of the vehicles has little or no crash test exposure. Go to product site.

SmartDraw VP enables crime scene investigators and legal teams to create professional-quality crime scene drawings without professional experience in graphic design. Users start with a template, which can include anything from a crime scene in an alley to a crime scene in an apartment and beyond. With SmartDraw's automatic formatting, users then use simple commands to add shapes, notes, images and more, and SmartDraw places them in just the right position. Easily edit the scene using SmartDraw's powerful floor plan features. Add walls, windows, doors and more with just a few clicks. Resizing and editing walls is just as easy. And everything is exactly to scale, complete with industry standard dimensions. Go to product site.


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A FEW WEEKS AGO, I received a call from Ocean Systems asking if I would like to beta test their newest software—ClearID v2.0 Image Clarification Workflow. The new progam has filters that were designed for use with Adobe’s Photoshop graphics-editing program.