Accelerate Ninhydrin Fingerprinting

The Mystaire-Misonix FE-8000 humidified incubator improves the development time for ninhydrin-processed evidence on paper and other porous items. The FE-8000 offers temperature and humidity control to accelerate the development of ninhydrin-treated items. The chamber provides control of relative humidity from 50-80% and allows heater control between 20°-50°C.

Mystaire-Misonix incubators are constructed of stainless steel, both interior and exterior, with hinged glass doors. The digital display provides temperature and humidity control with user-definable set points. The FE-8000 is complete with four levels of epoxy-coated wire shelves, a fluorescent lamp, and casters.

Additional options for the FE-8000 include: audible and visual alarms for heat and humidity, a coated evaporator coil that resists corrosive fumes, and a locking door.

Download the full specs here:

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