Accelerate Ninhydrin Fingerprinting

The Mystaire-Misonix FE-8000 humidified incubator improves the development time for ninhydrin-processed evidence on paper and other porous items. The FE-8000 offers temperature and humidity control to accelerate the development of ninhydrin-treated items. The chamber provides control of relative humidity from 50-80% and allows heater control between 20°-50°C.

Mystaire-Misonix incubators are constructed of stainless steel, both interior and exterior, with hinged glass doors. The digital display provides temperature and humidity control with user-definable set points. The FE-8000 is complete with four levels of epoxy-coated wire shelves, a fluorescent lamp, and casters.

Additional options for the FE-8000 include: audible and visual alarms for heat and humidity, a coated evaporator coil that resists corrosive fumes, and a locking door.

Download the full specs here:

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Forensic Podiatry (Part Two of Two)

THE DISCIPLINE of forensic podiatry—or, in other words, the examination of pedal evidence—has progressed significantly over the past ten years. It is no longer a question of “What can you do with a footprint?” but rather, “Who can we use to evaluate the footprint?” Cases involving pedal evidence, especially bloody footprints and issues of determining shoe sizing or fit issues compared to questioned footwear, have become more common over the past two or three years.