Tool Kit: Personal Protective Equipment

Staying comfortable and safe while working in the field should be a top priority. Here are a few products that can help you protect yourself—and the evidence ... and they might help you stay a bit more comfortable and perform more effectively, as well.

RPCM Cool Vest Glacier Tek

The RPCM Cool Vest from Glacier Tek can help reduce heat stress when working in hot environments. This product incorporates non-toxic, biodegradable phase-change material that maintains a dry, comfortable 59°F temperature for up to 2.5 hours. The RPCM Cool Packs can be quickly replaced with recharged packs. The Cool Packs can be recharged in a cooler with ice and water or in a refrigerator or freezer.

RiteTemp Endurance Cooling Vest The RiteTemp Endurance Cooling Vest is a low-profile, lightweight vest designed for use under protective overgarments from crime-scene personnel to bomb techs. The vest does not require precooling and will maintain a cool temperature for hours. The vest’s HTF Exotherm technology was scientifically proven to improve performance by 22% for military personnel conducting heavy-duty chem-bio decontamination in hot weather.
RE Aviator sunglasses Randolph Engineering The RE Aviator sunglasses from Randolph Engineering were designed for the U.S. military. They feature three temple styles, including the bayonet temples designed to fit comfortably under headgear. The machine-milled solder joints are backed by a lifetime warranty. This style is available as a prescription frame with optional sunglass clip-ons. A variety of lens colors are available, including polarized lenses. A hard sunglass case and Equipment Maintenance Kit is included.
NitriShield nitrile disposable gloves MCR Safety Created with mechanics, assembly workers, and law enforcement in mind, NitriShield nitrile disposable gloves are now available in black, as well as two styles with varying thickness and length. These textured, ambidextrous disposable gloves are 100% nitrile, food safe, and feature a beaded cuff. The 6062 model is 12” in length and 6 mils in thickness. The thinner 6060 model provides more dexterity and lightweight protection, providing stretch and comfort in a disposable hand-protection solution.
Microflex MidKnight Black Nitrile Gloves Cole Parmer The Microflex MidKnight Black Nitrile Gloves come in black to hide stains. They are ideal for use in demanding work environments that require reliable performance and a consistent grip. These ambidextrous, powder-free gloves are fully textured for a firm grip in wet or dry applications. The gloves meet or exceed ASTM D6319 standards. They are designed to be disposable, for single-use only. You can choose from small, medium, large, or extra-large sizes. For more information, go to:


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Lifting Latent Fingerprints from Difficult Surfaces

ALMOST ANYONE can find, process, and lift a latent print that happens to be in a logical and obvious place like a door handle, a beer can, or a butcher knife. But sometimes, a latent print is not just sitting there in a logical and obvious place. Sometimes, you have to use your imagination to find the print and your skills to lift it.